Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie is the latest star to hop aboard the cupping bandwagon.

The Candidly Nicole star was spotted spending time with her family on Tuesday with red circular marks on her upper back.

Dressed in a black baggy tank top and wearing her purple-dyed locks in an updo, Richie didn't appear to be fazed by her unusual spots.

So what exactly is cupping and why are people in Hollywood buzzing about it?

The Eastern practice uses heated glass cups to create suction as a way of stimulating energy to the skin.

The form of alternative medicine is said to mobilize blood flow as well as relieve neck and shoulder pain. 

Lena Dunham was the most recent famous face to try out the ancient method, sharing pics of her experience on Instagram.

"Da Cure," the 27-year-old simply captioned a selfie that showed off six markings on her back.

And even though the aftermath can be quite distracting, it isn't enough to deter cleanse-loving stars like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow from getting their fix.

The We're the Millers starlet memorably tried to cover up the circular marks, with a bit of concealer, at the red carpet premiere of Lifetime's Call Me Crazy in Los Angeles last year.

Chris MartinDavid ArquetteJessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham have also been candid about their love of cupping.

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