Jonah Hill Talks Adam Levine Friendship, Channing Tatum's Junk and Losing the Oscar to Jared Leto—Listen!

"So we're at dinner and we're drinking and he says, 'I bet you it's gonna make $35 million opening weekend.' And as a joke, I said, 'I'll kiss the tip of your d--k…over the boxers.'

By Bruna Nessif Jun 03, 2014 9:33 PMTags
Jonah Hill, Critics' Choice Movie AwardsJordan Strauss/Invision/AP

When Jonah Hill wasn't clearing the air on his recent homophobic slur during his interview with Howard Stern, the actor was chatting it up about some of Hollywood's A-list hunks—like his bestie Adam Levine, for example.

Oh, you didn't know they were best friends? Yep, Hill and Levine are close but they're not just Hollywood pals. These two have known each other since way back in the day, when attending award shows and playing music to sold-out arenas were just a dream.

"Our dads met in the principal's office in junior high. We were in carpool, we lived at each other's houses," Jonah shared.

Levine found success before Hill when his band got signed to a label senior year of high school, but the Oscar-nominated star insists he never became jealous of The Voice coach's rise to fame.

"He's the kind of guy that you never would be [jealous of] cause he's not a d--k. He's not a d--k about it, he's so generous and nice to people," Hill added, and continued to praise his buddy for never letting the spotlight get to his head.

"He's not different now. He's an actual guy…That is a guy who is exactly who he ever was in a great way. And actually, I know a lot of famous people and he's one that has not changed," he said.

Speaking of his good-looking friends, the conversation turned to his studly co-star Channing Tatum and even more importantly, Channing Tatum's junk. Stern brought up an interesting bet the two stars had with each other concerning how well 21 Jump Street would do opening weekend.

"It was the night the movie was opening and we were at dinner," Jonah said. "And if we had broken $30 million opening weekend, we were a massive, massive success…So we're at dinner and we're drinking and he says, 'I bet you it's gonna make $35 million opening weekend.' And as a joke, I said, 'I'll kiss the tip of your d--k…over the boxers.'"

He continued, "A lot of people would be jealous of me if I got to do that. So what happens is, it makes $36 million opening weekend, which was huge, we were all celebrating and he's like, 'You gotta…' I did not. It was a joke and it was silly and obviously it's a lose-lose situation for both parties."

While 21 Jump Street was a big success in the box office, Wolf of Wall Street earned Jonah his second Oscar nomination. But the actor lost to Jared Leto for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, and even though Hill knew he wasn't gonna win, there was still a spark of hope that he would.

"You know what the funniest moment is? And it happened both times. The whole time leading up the awards show, you lose, the whole time you know you're not gonna win because the other person keeps winning every single time," he said.

"Both times I went to the Oscars, I was in the car with my mom and the moment before you pull up—both times I turned and said to her, 'You think I could win an Oscar tonight?' Like there's some part of you, even though you know you're not gonna win, there's some part of your brain that kicks in and says, 'Oh my God, could this actually happen?' and then you get back to reality."

Hey, you never know!