Summertime usually elicits a desperate need to revamp your beach bod ASAP.

And just because you have a nine-to-five that interferes with your gym time doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a workout here and there. Point in case: this quick toning triceps workout you can do on office downtime.

We got the exclusive workout from LA-based personal trainer and fitness model Astrid McGuire. The fitness guru also teaches at celeb-favored gym Barry's Bootcamp. Sound familiar? It's the same gym that takes credit for sizzling celebrity bodies like Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal  

But back to that killer triceps workout… did we mention it includes ab and leg toning moves too? And the only thing you need to complete this office workout is... your desk chair! Plus, this speedy routine is a go-to favorite of super-toned Julianne Hough.

Watch the video now for Astrid's office workout, and for more insider tips check out @astridmcguire on Twitter.

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