Solange, CFDA

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

We get it. If we were Solange Knowles making our very first appearance after the now infamous elevator fight with sis Beyoncé's hubs, we'd keep the fashion a little less fierce too. Something that says, I'm totally cool, everyone. I'm not going to lunge at anyone in a very confined space that may or may not have a security camera. It's all good, this time.

Then again, the outfit the "Losing You" singer wore to the Met Gala (when all that crazy went down) was pink and fluffy, whereas this Calvin Klein sheath is sexy and metallic, so our theory might not hold much water.

Outside of that silvery color there isn't much to write home about this moment, especially considering the bold styles this NOLA resident is known to rock. We do have to comment a perfect cut along the neckline showcasing much more cleavage than Solange is known to show, but an accessory or two, namely statement earrings, would really compliment the silhouette.

So maybe this is the singer's way of stepping slowly back into the scene? If so, a black dress would have been better, but depending on whose side of the story you believe, Solange may not be interested in "sorry" style...

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