Bros over ovs?

That seems to be Alli's (Melinda Shankar) motto in the new season of Degrassi. OK, really, it's salsa dancing over triathlon training. Let us explain.

TeenNick's longrunning hit drama returns for the summer chapter of its 13th season tonight and finds Clare (Aislinn Paul) attempting to move on from her boy drama, choosing Drew (Luke Bilyk) over Eli (Munro Chambers) only to be rebuffed, in the finale. But when she decides to do a triathlon with her BFF Alli, it turns out Alli already has plans with her new BF, Dallas (Demetrius Joyette).

In our exclusive sneak peek at Degrassi's return, Clare complains about being "utterly single," only for Drew to walk in ready for a "forbidden dance" lesson in the most adorable way ever. Clare's reaction? Priceless. 

And if getting a status update on Clare and Drew isn't enough for you to press play on the video above, would us teasing  that you will get to see Drew shake what his momma gave him and boast that his "hips don't lie, baby" sweeten the deal? (We repeat: it's adorable.) Yes, that sounded like a thousands of computer mouses clicking play on the exclusive sneak peek above!

Aside from continuing the epic saga that is Drew and Clare's whatever-you-want-to-call it, the summer premiere will also find Maya doing her best to keep Zig safe, which is hard to do after she does a little snooping and finds a bag of drugs. Meanwhile, Miles' BFF Winston finally gets a storyline of his own when he's on the prowl for his first girlfriend at Degrassi...and soon realizes the perfect girl has been right under his nose for a very long time. (Cough—Miles' little sister—cough!)

Degrassi Season 13's summer chapter kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. on TeenNick.

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