Princess Letizia

Cristina García Rodero/Royal Press Department via Getty Images

History was made in Spain today, after King Juan Carlos announced the he was stepping down and handing the throne over to his 46-year-old son, Prince Felipe.

And while the country gets a new king, they will also be getting a new queen consort—formerly known as Princess Letizia.

So just who is the brunette beauty? Let's have a look at five things you need to know about Spain's future new queen:

1. She's More Than Just a Pretty Face: She may be stunning, but Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano is a well-known TV presenter and reporter. The 41-year-old comes from a long line of journalists, namely her father and grandmother, and has won an award for Best Spanish Journalist Under 30 in her native country. She also got both her bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism in Madrid. Letizia has reported from both Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks and Iraq during the war, as well as throughout Spain for local breaking news.

2. Felipe isn't Her First Husband: Letizia first married Alonso Guerrero Pérez in 1998 after the two had dated for 10 years. However, less than a year later, their divorce was finalized.

3. She's as Charitable as It Gets: Spain's future queen has supported numerous charities, primarily those that focus on education as well as nutrition. She is also known for wearing Spanish designers' creations and has worn Felipe Varela gowns for many public events.

Queen Letizia, Princess Letizia

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

4. Being Royalty Doesn't Sway Her: Letizia came from a middle-class family and is perfectly comfortable going about her day-to-day activities independent of her royal status. She's been known to take the subway to engagements, catch movies with pals and even be seen running errands in public in jeans. Now that's one relatable royal!

5. Style Runs in the Royal Family: Kate Middleton has taken the world by storm with her sartorial choices, but it seems that Letizia is trailing closely behind. She's rocked everything from on-trend leather pants to gorgeous couture gowns that are fit for, well, a queen. Wherever she goes, the world watches on as she mixes several high street items from Zara and Mango with more luxe items in her closet. Just like the duchess!

But it's not just Letizia that constantly looks fashion forward...She's been known to dress her two daughters, Leonor and Sofia, in designer duds as well.

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