Celeb Voices, Josh Duhamel, Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Getty Images, Disney Jr

Gaaaaahhhhh! I need to Google that!

Any of you parents out there ever have this thought while listening to your kids' favorite show—in the background, of course, because you are cooking/cleaning/diapering/drinking/dying?

You recognize a voice. But you just can't place it. And you certainly don't have time to stop what you are doing and IMDB it, since the top of your To Do List is currently "Keep Everyone Alive." Still, the sound of a particular character on shows like Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First can drive you absolutely bonkers.

We are here to help!

Click below for a super-quick rundown of all the celebrities who are voices on the most popular kids shows. (Added bonus: Some of them are super-sexy....hello Josh Duhamel and Ryan Kwanten!)

Of course, we know you don't actually let your kids watch TV because it's no good for them and your 2-year-old is far too busy learning to read Pat the Bunny in Latin. But just in case...


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