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Is another death going to rock the Hamptons?!

That's the question we're answering in today's Spoiler Chat as we've got the inside scoop on Daniel's rocky future on Revenge, as well as dish on Once Upon a Time's dark turn and Ali's dangerous quest for answers on Pretty Little Liars. Plus, we know who Andi Dorfman ends up with on The Bachelor and we're dishing out details on one of the fall's most anticipated new series, The Flash! Oh, and we've also got scoop on the chances of a recently canceled fan favorite series' possible return.

Shawn: Josh Bowman has said that he wants off of Revenge, so can we expect to see Daniel in danger next season?
Nope! In fact, showrunner Sunil Nayar told us the show has never even "considered" offing Daniel. "We never talked about it," he said. "I think when Josh was saying those things, it was in the middle of those episodes where he shot Emily and he didn't really know which was his character was going to go, even though we talked about it." What we can expect for Daniel in season four? "I just think he's so layered and interesting and certainly we want to keep making him a little bit on the evil side, but I think there's a lot to be examined in Daniel's journey," Nayar teased. "He's going to lose a father, just like Emily did years ago, and that's going to hit him in ways that will be surprising and unexpected. So we are never considered losing Josh and I am thrilled that he is staying on the show." And there you have it!

Liam: Hit me up with some scoop on Arrow, would ya?
You got it! Prepare to see a different side of former (and current?) baddie Malcolm Merlyn when season three kicks off. "Malcolm's losing everybody around him in his life for whatever reason…he figured out the last reason he lost Tommy was because he became emotionally connected to somebody. Malcolm can control everybody physically or with money, what's really interesting now is Malcolm needs to learn how to control people emotionally so he doesn't lose anybody now," John Barrowman previewed for us. "That's what he he's doing with Thea now because she's at her emotional low. Malcolm needs to build his family back around him, whoever that may be. He needs Thea as much as she needs him."

Pretty Little Liars, Summer Premiere

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Rebecca M.: I'm still so upset that Regina is getting her happy ending taken away from her! Is she going to re-embrace her evil side on Once Upon a Time next season?
Funny you should bring that up because when we chatted with OUAT co-creator Eddy Kitsis, we asked him that very question. Gird your loins, magic lovers, because hell hath no fury like an evil queen scorned! "We have built 66 episodes of growth for Regina and this is a very big setback," Kitsis revealed. "The question we want the audience to think about is, 'How does she handle it?' It is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone involved, it's very complicated. She's done a lot of growing and yet we know what her weaknesses are." Translation: Emma you had better run, girl!

Britney: My friend and I have a Pretty Little Liars bet going on. Do you think that Ali is going to be upset or relieved when she discovers that her mom was murdered?
Luckily you're not going to have to wait long to find out! With the season five premiere exactly one week away (woo hoo!) fans will be treated to a laundry list of shocking answers and heart-pounding reveals. But to help curb your PLL cravings, we'll go ahead and let executive producer Joseph Dougherty answer that question for you. "I think she's going to be upset," the EP explained. "She made up her mind and was going to go back and get some answers, and if this person is not there, she's not going to get the answers she wanted to get. There are as many unanswered questions in that town for Ali as there are for those other girls." Would you miss Mrs. DiLaurentis if she was your mother? Sound off in the comments below and defend your twisted take!

The Bachelorette, Andi Dorkman

ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Henrika: Any hints on who Andi picks on The Bachelorette?
We were NOT surprised.

Francesca: Will Bachelor Pad be any good this year?
It's called Bachelor in Paradise now, missy! And yes, it will definitely be sexier and more glam than the "Pad" was, we can assure you. We've heard rumblings that ABC is hoping to bring in some of the best-loved Bachelor and Bachelorette stars if all time, so that's also a plus. Production begins very soon.

The Flash

Jack Rowand/The CW

Alex: The Flash trailer is all sorts of amazing. Can you tell me anything about the show yet? This geek needs deets!
We take it you're a fan of the comic and let us reassure you: There are two big Easter eggs to look out for. OK, fine, one involves a classic villain. 

Thomas: Enlisted is my favorite new show. Is there any chance it may survive?
Yes! We hate spreading false hope, but in this case, it feels right to tell you that there is absolutely a legitimate chance that Enlisted can survive, despite its cancellation last month. Possibly even at Fox now that there will be a regime change. (Fox president Kevin Reilly is leaving.) Enlisted airs every Sunday night at 7 pm/6 central and NO OTHER SHOW IS MORE DESERVING OF YOUR TIME this month. So please watch! And tell a friend.

Covert Affairs

Steve Wilkie/USA Network

Gina: While I was beyond thrilled that USA ordered seasons five and six of Royal Pains a while ago, it makes me nervous that we might be coming up to the big finale. Please give me something to ease my fears.
If Mark Feuerstein has any sway, Royal Pains will be sticking around. "It's season six, shows are not necessarily allowed to go beyond season seven or season eight, but I want both of those because I love this show, I love the actors I get to work with. The writing is amazing, but at the very latest by season eight we may have to say goodbye to Dr. Hank Lawson," he told us. USA is introducing a whole mess of new shows, but Feuerstein said he hopes to stick around to represent the old guard. "…I'm thrilled to be that show and I hope they never get rid of us," he said.

Vance: Covert Affairs doesn't get enough love. I can't believe more people aren't talking about it after the big season it came off of.
People are talking, maybe you need new friends? One person who is for sure talking about it is Hill Harper who is both a fan and a cast member. And some lines are going to get blurred. "The show's really evolved, I think. I just joined it last year, but I watched all the seasons leading up. It used to be about [Annie] being new, her in the CIA, using her charm to figure it out and all that stuff," he told us. "Now it's changed to something else…I'm her boss, we don't necessarily get along. I have a kind of hardline approach to it. My character thinks there are bad people in the world and there are good people in the world and you should eliminate the bad. Her character thinks you can turn bad people good. It's an inherent conflict. I'm excited about the show. It's getting deeper and deeper."

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