Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

This is really the only "Where Are They Now?" situation we care about. Remember growing up with the Rugrats, the kids that ruled Recess and the students traveling on The Magical School Bus? Well, artist Isiah Stephens has taken those characters and reimagined them as adults, so it's like catching up with your childhood friends! And since Nickelodeon is possibly, hopefully, maybe launching a channel dedicated solely to '90s cartoons called The Splat, we thought you guys might want to see what these kids would look like in 2015.

And it turns out—and this may seem weird—that puberty has done some of these folks some real favors.

Just check out the cast of The Magic School Bus above! Lookin' good, Tim! You really filled out. See how this is getting weird? Whatever, these drawings are amazing:

Hey Arnold!:

Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

Left to right: Nadine, Stinky, Phoebe, Gerald, Lila, Arnold, Helga, Brainy, Sid, Nadine, Rhonda, Harold and Eugene. Um, Is Helga pregnant?

South Park:

Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

Left to right: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. Good to see nothing much changes with these guys, especially regarding Cartman.


Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

Left to right: Phil and Lil, Dil, Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Angelica and Susie. Still rockin' those green shorts, huh Chuckie?


Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

Left to right: Vince, Spinelli, T.J., Mikey, Gretchen and Gus. We're in love with Gus and the nod to his Army background. Also, the "new kid" really bulked up!


Isaiah K. Stephens, 90's Cartoons

Left to right: Beebe Bluff, Patti Mayonnaise, Doug Funny, Skeeter Valentine and Roger Klotz. Good to see Porkchop and Stinky are still alive, eh?

To see more detailed photos of these characters and to check out other grown up drawings from shows like Kim Possible, Dexter's Laboratory and Pokémon, you can check out Isiah's Tumblr.

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