So You Think You Can Dance


All aboard the Hot Tamale Train because So You Think You Can Dance is back!

It's the show that makes us get up and attempt high kicks in our bedrooms, and it's time for season 11. Wayne Brady and Jenna Elfman joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe in New Orleans and Chicago for tonight's season premiere, and it was just as So You Think You Can Dance-y as ever. There was dad dancing, there was Zumba, there was screaming and there were a whole bunch of unnecessary Wendy Williams impressions that helped us feel like summer has really begun. Plus, Justin Bieber stopped by to introduce the dance crews competing for the chance to perform in the finale and it made complete and total sense. 

There were some super incredible performances tonight, including one that featured a song made of computer noises. The song was slightly alarming to those of us using our computers to watch the show, but it was a great audition. Kudos to you, Trevor Bryce. You win the award for Best Use of Computer Noises! And OK, you and your cartoon-chic happy hip hop routine also win Best Performance of the Night. 

Meanwhile, Best Dance + Sob Story goes to Megan Marcano, who raised herself since age 12, but she also gets Second Best Performance, because the combination of story and emotion in her dance was truly beautiful.

Best Use of Bodily Scars goes to Rudy Abreu, who used his scars to anchor his warrior-style dancing, and for some reason we have a thing for quality warrior-style dancing. We're sold.

Most Determined Talent goes to Caleb Brauner, who had auditioned before, and showed up in both New Orleans and Chicago, still reeling from the death of his dad. Both of his solos were beautiful, but he struggled with partner work in choreography in the first round. But in his second round, he made it, and the happy tears were flowing.

Best Exercisers goes to Jacoby Jimmerson and Wayne Brady for their Zumba lesson. While Jacoby was told to come back another time, Wayne received a ticket to L.A.!  But that was no surprise, as we already knew he could dance:

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So what did you think of tonight's premiere? Who was your favorite dancer? Are you wondering how Mary Murphy still has working vocal cords? Do you, as you do every season, really regret dropping out of dance class in third grade because it was making you miss your TV shows? Let us know in the comments! 

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