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Cannes may have come to an end, but the impression that Hollywood's brightest made at the film festival still lingers. 

Stylish stars like Blake Lively, Jessica Chastain, Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling made memorable appearances, and in the Stella Artois clip, a couple celebs shared their personal experiences walking the glamorous red carpet.

"There's so much energy coming at you from so many photographers, which I don't think anything can prepare you for. Like a lot of people shouting at you, but you have to look like super chill about it," said The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby actress Jess Weixler.

Foxcatcher hunk Channing Tatum also expressed similar feelings. "It's like you're nervous going up the stairs and into this, and everyone applauds you but you're kind of feeling like you're the gladiators going into the arena and that you could possibly, more than likely, die."

In another video, we are introduced to one of the most important individuals at the international event—the Gatekeeper.

Patrick Callens works as the harbormaster at the Vieux-Port in Cannes and regulates the luxurious boats that come and go each year. "For the film festival, we accept bigger and bigger boats, between 60-65 meters," he said.

And he takes his responsibilities very seriously. "It can be the longest boat in the world, the biggest and the richest, but if you don't have the application form, then you will not get in."

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