What do you expect from a guy headlining the Pass the Puff Tour?

Snoop Dogg found himself in the pound again Sunday night—this time after getting collared by Swedish authorities on suspicion of being under the influence of narcotics.

The rapper had performed earlier in the evening with former rival Diddy at Stockholm's Globe Arena as part of the European leg of their Pass the Puff tour. Snoop was on his way to an after-party in the Swedish capital with two unidentified companions when police pulled over the rapper's car around 1:30 a.m.

"He was arrested for use of narcotics. It's illegal in Sweden to use them, even to have it in your system," Sgt. Mats Brannlund told Reuters. "You can see that a person indicates that he has used narcotics in looking at his eyes or his movements. [Officers] suspected that he had taken drugs."

Broadus' U.S. rep could not be reached for comment.

Brannlund said a small amount of drugs was found in the vehicle, but declined to specify the type and whether it belonged to the rapper.

The 35-year-old Snoop Dogg, whose legal name is Calvin Broadus, was taken into custody, made to provide urine samples and released after being detained for approximately four hours.

The samples were sent to a lab for analysis and are expected to be returned to police in two or three weeks. Should the Doggfather test positive for drug use, he'll most likely face a minor fine amounting to a few hundred dollars.

Snoop's not the only artist to drop it like it's hot in the Scandinavian country.

Last June, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose wound up in a Stockholm jail cell after he was busted by Swedish police for allegedly getting into a booze-fueled, leg-biting fight with a hotel security guard following a sold-out concert there. The rocker copped to attacking and threatening the guard and was let out after paying a $5,500 fine and $1,360 in damages.

That same month, Kate Moss' off-on boyfriend, Babyshambles rocker Pete Doherty, was caught under the influence of drugs following a gig in southern Sweden. He paid a small fine after tests revealed trace amounts of cocaine in his system.

As for Snoop, Sunday's run-in with the law is the latest in a string of recent busts.

In January, Snoop pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of possessing a deadly weapon after he tried to board a plane with a collapsible police baton at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, in September.

He was arrested again at the same airport on Oct. 26 after a search of his car turned up a gun and marijuana, a big no-no for Snoop given his convicted-felon status stemming from a 1990 cocaine bust.

He posted $35,000 bail in that case, only to be nabbed yet again in Burbank when local cops pulled him over as he left a taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno while serving a warrant resulting from the October bust. In the ensuing search of his vehicle, police discovered another handgun, marijuana and cocaine in an illegal hidden compartment. The rapper was briefly jailed before being released on $60,000 bail.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is still investigating the latter two cases and has yet to file formal charges.

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