We got our first sneak peek at what an actual dance rehearsal looks like for Men of the Strip...and we got a lot more than we bargained for!

After leading the guys through a sensual routine, Joel Sajiun demonstrates how to give a proper lap dance for the others to see.

"Don't let him get to your girlfriend, whatever you do," the instructor teases as Joel finishes up his performance.

"For me, stripping is an art," Joel reveals to the camera. "But mainly passion that comes totally from the bottom of my heart, which is love."

Afterwards, the guys found themselves in a rather unusual situation...

"Today for the first time I got my d--- measured," Kyle Efthemes remarks. "That was a little bit of an experience for me that I've never had before."

"I'm a little nervous right now." Keith Webb exclaims with shock. "Are you really measuring my d--- size?"

Watch the above clips to see more of the hot action!

Tune-in to the two-hour reality movie event of Men of the Strip this Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c on E!

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