Bitch Stole My Sequin Suit! Mariah Carey Is the Latest Diva to Steal Britney Spears's Famous Costume

The "You're Mine" singer copies the "Ooh La La" crooner, and everyone else whose stolen the look since!

By JJ Moore May 28, 2014 7:54 PMTags
Mariah CareyVALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images

We have officially found the most stolen Bitch Stole My Look of all time. It's the infamous nude, sequined-covered creation worn during the 2000 VMAs by the one and only "Toxic" singer, and Mariah Carey is the latest diva to don a way too similar style (Lady Gaga was the latest to try a take). Say what you will about Britney Spears, but she has inspired many a pop star to wear nothing but sheer fabric with bling on top, and that's got to count for something.

Of course each A-lister has given us her own take on the over-the-top designer, and the Me. I Am Mariah singer's offering is as competitive as they come.

The main difference between the blonde beauty and her brunette counterpart is the dress versus two-piece stripper suit style. There may be just as much sheer fabric in Mrs. Nick Cannon's creation, but it has a classier overall affect than the bra top and bell-bottoms the Vegas show topper showcased over a decade ago. Plus, is it us or do Mimi's sparkles look more expensive?

And yet, can anything top the first time we saw this style spectacle? No. Britney will forever reign supreme in the jewel-encrusted, see-through performance costume game.  Are you #TeamBritney too?


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