Emily Blunt Talks Loving Motherhood, Getting in Tom Cruise-Caliber Shape for Edge of Tomorrow

British beauty trained for three months for her role as a Special Forces badass in the futuristic thriller

By Natalie Finn May 28, 2014 1:25 AMTags
Watch: Emily Blunt Gushes Over Motherhood

Just what exactly did you mean by that, sir?!

"How dare you!" Emily Blunt playfully challenged E! News when asked how she got herself into fighting shape for her new movie, Edge of Tomorrow, after it was implied that costar Tom Cruise was pretty much always in tip-top condition and didn't need to do much work.

"'Emily, you're a little bit [she mimed a puffy face]'...but I got fit for this one, I tried," the British beauty laughed.

But in all honesty, how did she train for her role as a Special Forces warrior in the Doug Liman-directed flick?

"I trained for three months beforehand, so I transformed from being enormous to being...just kidding," Blunt continued to tease.

Watch the clip to hear her real answer!

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Mrs. John Krasinski also opened up about being a mom to 3-month-old daughter Hazel (we wouldn't mind a few of her post-baby body tips, either) and, no surprise, motherhood has been "wonderful."

Everything about it has been surprising in a way, she explains, "because I don't know if it's anything you can plan for. It's such an incredibly existential crazy thing and I love it."

Edge of Tomorrow is in theaters Jun 6.

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