Men of the Strip, Set Photos

They're good-looking guys with fun personalities and serious performance skills, but there's a lot more to the Men of the Strip than washboard abs and good dance moves.

When they're not traveling the world and performing onstage with their all-male ensemble, these guys have their own sets of interests and hobbies that they like to pursue. Latin lover Joel Sajiun loves to play the guira, a percussion instrument from his native Dominican Republic, while Kyle Efthemes (aka Lady Killer) enjoys nothing more than a good sunset and a round of relaxing meditation.

We also got the guys to share their biggest turn-ons with us, as well as what they each consider to be the sexiest part of a woman. And the answers will definitely surprise you!

Men of the Strip, Joel Sijun

James Dimmock/E!

Joel Sajiun

Hobbies: Baseball, martial arts, swimming, music, nature and playing the guira.

Sexiest part of a woman: Her personality.

Favorite food: Grilled meats, fruits and veggies.

Biggest turn-on: Passion. To provide that slow, deep kiss where we are suddenly the only two in a sea of people.

Men of the Strip, Derek North

James Dimmock/E!

Derek North

Hobbies: I love life and learning new things. My perfect day would start with a workout, go on an adventure, learn something new, and end it dancing.

Sexiest part of a woman: Soul.

Favorite food: Mom's healthy cooking.

Biggest turn-on: For a woman to be both sexy and intelligent. I love to constantly learn, and have a bit of a wild streak...

Men of the Strip, Keith Webb

James Dimmock/E!

Keith Webb

Hobbies: Basketball, snowboarding, acting and musical theater.

Sexiest part of a woman: Boobs.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Biggest turn-on: Sense of humor. I enjoy clever, witty women.

Men of the Strip, Chris Boudreaux

James Dimmock/E!

Chris Boudreaux

Hobbies: Football, going to concerts, Frisbee golf, and riding my motorcycle.

Sexiest part of a woman: Eyes.

Favorite food: Cereal.

Biggest turn-on: How a woman presents her confidence and carries herself.

Men of the Strip, Nate Estimada

James Dimmock/E!

Nate Estimada

Hobbies: Drawing, rock climbing and spending time with my dogs.

Sexiest part of a woman: Eyes. I look for a connection and a softness.

Favorite food: Hamburgers.

Biggest turn-on: I like a nerdy woman, someone who can laugh at my Chewbacca impression.

Men of the Strip, Kyle Efthemes

James Dimmock/E!

Kyle Efthemes

Hobbies: Kickboxing, meditation and watching sunsets.

Sexiest part of a woman: It varies woman to woman as everyone has a different and unique attribute about herself.

Favorite food: All flavors of ice cream.

Biggest turn-on: I get really turned on by intense, deep, long eye contact.

Men of the Strip, Charles Dera

James Dimmock/E!

Charles Dera

Hobbies: Jiu-jitsu, bicycling and motorcycles.

Sexiest part of a woman: Smile.

Favorite food: Chipotle.

Biggest turn-on: A sweet, kind and caring woman turns me on.

Tune-in to the two-hour reality movie event of Men of the Strip this Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c on E!

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