Ellen Page, Justin Bieber

Getty Images

Ellen Page has some interesting dreams!

During an appearance on Conan this week, the 27-year-old revealed a particular recurring dream that haunts her in her sleep.

"My anxiety dreams tend to always relate to pubic hair," the X-Men star said. "So I'll be like on stage getting ready to act, and I'm just in my underwear, and I just look down and it might as well be an old man's beard or something. Or I'll be topless and it will be up to my [chest]. Like a reverse hairy chest."


Pubic hair isn't the only thing Page dreams about. She's also dreamt about hanging with Justin Bieber even though she's never met him!

"We were in his like childhood home in Canada, just hanging out, and his mom came home with takeout from Ikea, and we were like, 'Yeah!'" she explained. "We were stoked. We were like, ‘Yes, our favorite!'"


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