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Netflix gives us so many gifts, like the ability to binge watch Parks and Recreation or Breaking Bad whenever the hell we want. But this unintentional gift from Netflix is one of our all-time favorites.

Due to some sort of glitch, the summaries in the streaming service are getting mixed up with other summaries, leading to hilarious and ridiculous plotlines that run alongside the TV and movie titles.

And because we live in the great age of the Internet, a Twitter account was swiftly created with screenshots of some of the more bizarre summaries:

Netflix tweeted on Wednesday that the bug, which has been plaguing the service since last week, was finally fixed, or "officially squashed," as they claimed. Except that it wasn't, and SummaryBug lives on:

Thankfully, Netflix has a good sense of humor about the whole thing:

Can Hollywood get to work making some of these mashups into actual movies? We are especially interested in the one about Samurai Rangers assassinating Adolf Hitler on Christmas Eve. Thanks.

(H/T Vulture)

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