Apparently, Dakota Johnson's dad, actor Don Johnson, has some pretty strong opinions when it comes to legalizing drugs.

During an appearance on HuffPostLive on Thursday, the 65-year-old Miami Vice star said that America should "legalize every drug and tax it"—with no exceptions.

Asked whether that includes class A drugs such as heroin, the actor didn't blink an eye before he responded, "Absolutely."

As for the reason behind his controversial stance on the legalization of drugs? Let's take a closer look.

Don Johnson, HuffPost Live

"When we privatize prisons we've turned it into a business," the actor told host Ricky Camilleri. "And so when you turn it into a business you need clients, and so we arrest a lot of people that don't belong in prison, but they are clients to the privatization of the prison."

Camilleri replied: "Absolutely low level drug offenders."

"That's absolutely right, stupid. They should legalize every drug and tax it" he stated before adding that even drugs such as heroin should "absolutely" be legal.

"If you legalize and decriminalize drugs, you take the glamour out of it," Johnson, whose daughter just wrapped filming the lead role in the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, explained. "You take the gangs out of it, you take the drug dealers out of it and you make a less glamorous thing."

Don Johnson, Dakota Johnson

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Johnson then suggested that prohibition is the perfect example, using it as proof for why his strategy could be a success.

"Yeah there are going to be those that become alcoholics, but they'll get help," he insisted. "That's evidence of a deeper wound, a deeper pain that people need help with. Yeah, there are going to be those that get trapped in the perils of drugs and alcohol...but what we can do is take the gangs, the drug cartels and the massive amounts of money that's going out of our economy into other economies and the most important thing is to deglamorize it."

"How do we deglamorize it?" Camilleri asked.

"Legalize it," the actor emphatically replied.

What do you think of Johnson's opinion? Tell us in the comments.

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