Daniel Baldwin is sounding the all-clear. 

The actor was in court Thursday for a progress report hearing during which his attorney said, "He's doing exceptional." 

The former Homicide: Life on the Street star, who has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, has been sober for 92 days and is participating in an after-care program, attorney Grant Taylor Hoagland told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Millington, adding that the second-oldest Baldwin brother submitted 20 drug tests to the court, all of which he passed. 

An after-care program is a less rigorous form of rehab than some, but it still requires Baldwin, 46, to complete a 12-step program, attend meetings and have a sponsor, similar to the way Alcoholics Anonymous works. 

This was Baldwin's second court appearance this week. Thursday's cameo stemmed from his April 2006 arrest at a Santa Monica motel, where he was busted for being under the influence and possessing a cocaine-ingesting device after police allegedly caught him smoking cocaine. The actor was able to avoid jail time by entering a drug-diversion program. 

He's due back in court Mar. 12 for another progress report. 

On Tuesday, Baldwin pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of unlawfully taking a vehicle and receiving stolen property. He was nabbed Nov. 7 in the parking lot of a different Santa Monica motel as he was climbing into the driver's seat of a 2003 GMC Yukon that had been reported stolen. 

Because the SUV had been reported stolen in Orange County, Baldwin was arraigned in Newport Beach Criminal Court. Kenneth Smith, the owner of the vehicle, was also in court Tuesday, saying he loaned his pal the Yukon and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Smith even squired Baldwin to and from the courthouse in the same vehicle.  

The O.C. District Attorney's Office did not drop the charges, however, and a pretrial status hearing was set for May 1. 

Perhaps prosecutors still have an axe to grind with Baldwin, who failed to show up for arraignment the first time on Feb. 6, prompting the issuance of a $25,000 warrant for his arrest.  

Several days later, Baldwin phoned in an explanation to the Detroit Free Press, leaving a voicemail saying that he was currently on location in Motown shooting the horror film Little Red Devil and that he was back to work, sober and busy "becoming a productive member of society." 

Baldwin was expected in court for a do-over Feb. 13, but the arraignment was again rescheduled after the actor's attorney obtained a postponement.  

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