Britney Spears is in rehab. Her hair is on sale.

The owners of the Tarzana, California, salon where Spears experienced a very close shave are offering the singer's shorn locks and extensions for $1 million—minimum.

The Omega-brand clippers used in the headline-making haircut, as well as an unopened can of Red Bull and blue plastic Bic cigarette lighter, both reportedly left behind by Spears, are included in the purchase price.

The sale is being made through The domain name was registered Sunday, online records show, two days after Spears made an unscheduled visit to Esther's Hair Cutting Studio.

"This is the Ultimate Britney Spears Experience!" the site promises. "It is a piece of history that can not [sic] be duplicated."

Or, then again, maybe it can be duplicated.

EBay has been the site of an untold number of Spears-related hair auctions in recent days. While the online auction host has yanked several—even Esther's Hair Salon's listing got pulled over the weekend—others are still popping up.

"As news of the event spread," eBay spokeswoman Catherine England said Tuesday, "we began to see more and more listings from various countries."

Sure enough, even as of Tuesday afternoon, Spears' hair, or what was said to be Spears' hair, was all over the site.

There was a listing that claimed to offer several wisps of the singer's salon-cut hair—her sister got it from a guy who might have gotten it from the bottom of someone's shoe--for a buy-it now price of just under $30,000.

"This is her hair to the best of my knowledge!" the seller enthuses, adding with equal enthusiasm, "I cannot garentee [sic] but I am almost positive!"

There was also a listing from a purported insider ("I work in the music industry and know a lot of people") who claimed to have come into possession of some, though "not alot [sic], of Spears' Friday-night haircut hair from a friend. The buy-it now price? $500.

"You can sell locks of hair, so the hair itself is not considered a violation of our policy," England said.

Auctions offering hair or just about anything else can be pulled for a variety of reasons, including intellectual-property concerns and claims of inauthenticity. England said the Esther's Hair salon listing was removed because of unspecified "listing policy violations."

On the KIIS-FM Los Angeles radio show hosted by E! News' Ryan Seacrest, salon namesake Esther Tognozzi said Tuesday she intended to donate some of the proceeds from her online Spears hair sale to an orphanage as well as Locks of Love, a charity for children suffering from hair loss.

Tognozzi restated that she tried to talk Spears out of her drastic do. "My automatic response was, 'Honey, we all have hormonal days,' " she told Seacrest.

The salon owner also added a potential new strand to the story, telling Seacrest that she believed Spears visited the house of estranged husband Kevin Federline before stepping inside her doors.

Tognozzi didn't say when she decided to sell Spears' hair, but as she earlier told E! News, she didn't get the impression that Spears was terribly attached to the brown locks.

Said Tognozzi: "She didn't want her hair."

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