Seth Meyers' hair is fine—nice, even—but you've probably never really given it a second thought.

Well, that's about to change, because as you'll see, the 40-year-old Saturday Night Live alum did some terrible, terrible things to those tresses through the years. On Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, he dug up incriminating  photos of some of those less-desirable 'dos.

He began with a picture from his days as a student at Northwestern University, saying jokingly, "To the girls I dated in college, I'm sorry I thought this was an OK haircut."

Seth Meyers, Hair


He also apologized for having "a little bit of a goatee" at one point, admitting, "that was like four months of work!" And when he showed off a shot of one particularly hair-raising look, he reminded his audience, "This was [during] the height of Hugh Grant's popularity!"

But Seth's yearbook picture might've topped them all. "I definitely put some product in my hair," he said of the oh-so-'90s photo, adding jokingly of the unflattering look, "It tamed down nicely!"

The late-night host had to stifle back giggles at one point, saying, "To the three women who were kind enough to make out with me in college, my apologies."

Your loss, ladies!

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