Ann Taylor, LOFT

Courtesy Ann Taylor

UPDATE: LOFT has issued a statement to E! News regarding the photo: "The photo in question was actually only minimally retouched to remove a tattoo.  Admittedly, the photo highlighted the model at an awkward angle, making it look as if there had been significant retouching.  That was not the case. You can see in the original photo the shape of the model is consistent, and the retouching was simply to address the tattoo and not the shape of the model.  Because the photo could be perceived as significantly retouched, we have replaced the shot on our website. At our heart, we are a brand that is about making women feel more confident and stylish.  The LOFT team is personally committed to making sure our product and marketing live up to brand promise." 

The original, untouched photo, provided by LOFT, can be seen at the bottom of the article.


Is Ann Taylor trying to tell women that you just aren't truly sexy unless your torso is two different sizes? Probably not, but this Photoshop job is still an utter disaster.

On the website for Ann Taylor LOFT (all caps!) was the above photo of a woman posing in a blue bikini. She's very pretty and that bikini is cute…but wait! What the hell is wrong with her stomach?


Obviously that's not the strangest thing going on in that photo. The top half of her torso is almost half the size of the bottom half, almost like she's been cut in half and the emergency surgery to put her back together went horribly wrong. 

Since Jezebel first spotted the image, Ann Taylor has removed the image of from the website, leaving only normal-looking photos of the model that don't look like the top half of her body is about to slide off her bottom half and fall to the floor.

Is this Photoshop job better or worse than the time Target removed a model's uterus in order to give her the thigh gap that they think women so desperately crave? We don't know about you guys, but we'd rather have some jiggle in our middle than a missing vagina and/or a mismatched torso.

Ann Taylor, LOFT

Courtesy Ann Taylor

People in the fashion industry, please stop removing chunks of organs and skin from your models. We understand Photoshopping is everywhere and there is no escaping it, but please make sure the girls wearing your clothes at least look like human beings and not something out of that beach bloodbath scene from Piranha 3D

UPDATE: Here is the supposedly untouched photo, provided to E! News by LOFT:

Unretouched LOFT


(Originally published Thursday, May 22 at 9:30 AM PDT)

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