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What a night for TV! Approximately a bilion shows closed out their seasons, and we learned a lot of new stuff about a lot of characters. Read on for the biggest TV happenings you need to know about!

The Americans: The drama's spectacular season concluded with some major revelations. Stan refused to turn over the video footage of the Echo program, essentially dooming Nina to death. Larrick denied having killed Leanne and Emmett, and died in a gun fight with Elizabeth, Phillip, and Jared, just because the Soviets were using his sexuality against him. Jared also died from a gunshot wound, after confessing that it was he who killed his own parents after they disapproved of his relationship with Kate, and of him being recruited as a second-generation illegal. The episode ended with a bit of a threat from Claudia – the center now plans to recruit Paige for the same program, and Phillip and Elizabeth are supposed to reveal their identities and train her until the Center is ready for her. Phillip made his own threats right back, indicating that if the Center goes after Paige, he and Elizabeth will quit, but we'll have to see if that threat truly works in their favor. 

Mmodern Family, Ed O'Neill, Sofia Vergara, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

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Modern Family: It's been a long time coming, but Mitch and Cam are finally married! The wedding was most certainly not without its slight setbacks, however, with last week's wildfire causing the guys to move to a newly available venue, thanks to a runaway bride. While Phil planned a magic trick for his turn as officiator, the runaway bride came back, and the ceremony was moved to Mitch and Cam's own house. There were butterfly attacks and sprinklers, not nearly enough room for all of the guests, and the string quartet had been reduced to one lone soloist. Just when Mitch was about to call the whole thing off, Jay stepped in and moved the entire thing to the country club. From there, it was a dream, accompanied by a sweet best person speech from Claire.

When you're done celebrating this joyous occasion, check out the video below to hear from the cast about just how much this event meant to them. 

Chicago PD: Lindsay had some explaining to do, as she confessed to Voight about her connections to Charlie. He was an old boyfriend, who got her hooked on drugs and supported her when her parents couldn't. He was about to give away information on an old murder, which was apparently committed by Lindsay's friend and another one of Charlie's exes, Annie. Lindsay eventually convinces him to take a deal and clean himself up, instead of causing Annie to lose her son.

Elsewhere, Kim and Adam hooked up, Antonio's wife left him, and we had to say goodbye to a member of the team. Jin, after being confronted by Voight about spying on him, barely had time to do some computer-y thing and warn his dad to get out of Chicago before ending up dead on the street, and now we have to wait a whole summer to figure out what that was about! Ugh! Summer!  

Revolution, Elizabeth Mitchell

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Revolution: That was the end? Really? We kinda feel like not a lot happened in that series finale, which was clearly not meant as such. While the Patriots were defeated and Texas declared war on the U.S. (We should have recapped this show more often!), the real threat came from the nanites, which, according to Priscilla, want to control the world with mindless zombie-like humans. The nanites then appeared as vision-type-things to Tom, Truman, and Davis and ordered them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho, to find the answers they've been looking for or something. The series ended with a creepy neon-lit shot of zombie-ish people descending on Bradbury. At least Charlie encouraged Miles to date her mom! We might miss you, Revolution, you crazy show.  

Law & Order: SVU: Amaro spent most of the episode in jail after savagely beating guest star Simon (Josh Malina), only to be rescued by Munch! Once he was out, the quest continued to clear his name. The person who gave the final push? Rollins! She blackmailed Simon's wife into making him say he started the fight and to drop charges.

Meanwhile, Baby Boy Doe returned just in time for Benson to find his birth mother. But the reunion was short lived after the mom was murdered. The judge asked Benson if she would want to be Noah's foster mom for a year and then permanently adopt him after a year. She said yes! Mama Bear Benson is now a mama to a baby boy.

And the squad said goodbye to Murphy who was recalled for an undercover position. SVU is once again in Benson's control.

What did you love on TV tonight?

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