Keith Urban may be starting to sound like a broken record, but in the best possible way.

The country superstar appeared on the Today show Thursday to talk shop about his new tour and to again sing the praises of wife Nicole Kidman in his first interview since checking out of a 90-day stint in rehab last month.

Echoing sentiments expressed in the video message Urban posted on his Website in January, the 39-year-old spoke about the "extraordinary" support supplied by Kidman.

"They say grief makes hearts and closer bonds than joy ever can," he said. "We've gotten through a lot and she's been extraordinary."

Urban also said that he and Kidman learned a lot about each other from his three months in recovery and that his treatment truly tested the bonds of their marriage—they were newlyweds of just four months when he entered the Betty Ford clinic in October.

"I can't really quantify it, because it's not a sound bite, what we've learned," he said. "But it's really profound."

Urban, who entered rehab for a cocaine addiction in 1998, said that his second time in treatment was completely different from the first.

"Thirty days versus three months," he said, "is like night and day."

As for what drove him back to treatment, he said that it wasn't one single event.

"It was just time. I could see where it was going. It was coming at me in a way that was very apparent that this is not me, you know what I mean? I think anybody out there who is in this situation recognizes it's not me, it's something else.

"This disease of addiction, you know, it's nothing to do with contentedness and happiness, 'cause I had all of that. But I wasn't doing what I should be doing to maintain the road I was on previously, so it was a big wake-up call to get back on the road."

Urban, meanwhile, is gearing up to hit another road—the one that takes him to his world tour.

When asked whether he was worried about maintaining his sobriety in the face of life on the road, Urban said he didn't anticipate it being an issue.

"The way in which we tour is very friendly and family-oriented," he said. "You'd be shocked. Disappointed, even."

Urban's Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Tour kicks off this April with a string of intimate club dates throughout Germany and the U.K. He follows that up with an arena tour in Australia in May and brings the show to the U.S. this June.

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