Iggy Azalea may have the No. 1 rap album right now, but her upbringing in Australia was far from the glitz and glam.

The "Fancy" singer opened up about her rebellious childhood on last night's Chelsea Lately and told the host that she dropped out of school at just 16 years old.

Azalea admitted that her parents were less than thrilled about her decision to leave school in favor for moving to Miami on her own.

"My mom stayed at home, [it was] just me. I got my GED though," she told Chelsea Handler.

"I could get an honorary degree too, you guys, you don't have to have any education for that either. I could still get a degree."

So why did the Aussie native head to the Sunshine State when she was a teenager?

"I felt like Florida was for me. I had heard about the craziness and I felt like that was the state I should go to. I felt like Florida was it," she said.

"I had already been dropped out [of school] for about a year and I was working cleaning houses full-time."

Azalea's first job wasn't without its share of unfortunate surprises as she recalled a gross encounter from her early days as a maid.

"You'd be surprised. I found a poo once on a doormat, which is not where poos belong," she shared.

"It was one of those spiky doormats that gets the dirt off the bottom of your shoes. And it was just like, definitely human."


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