Daniel Baldwin is apparently making up his own court docket as he goes along.

The actor had been due to appear in a Newport Beach, California, courtroom Tuesday to face two felony charges for allegedly stealing an SUV, but he didn't show. Again. Only this time he had the approval of prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Dennis Conway says he was contacted by phone by Baldwin's attorney, Grant Hoagland, and asked to delay the arraignment a week. The prosecutor okayed the request.

No reason was given for the postponement, but Baldwin skipped his original court date because he was in Detroit filming the indie horror flick Little Red Devil in which he plays the title demonic character.

His initial unannounced absence prompted the judge to issue a $25,000 arrest warrant. As of press time, D.A. spokeswoman Farrah Emami says that the APB remains active until the former Homicide detective sets foot in court.

Neither Hoagland nor Baldwin's manager, Daniel Spilo, was available for comment Wednesday.

Baldwin was collared Nov. 7 outside of a Santa Monica motel after police tracked a signal from the security system of a 2003 White GMC Yukon that had been reported stolen. Baldwin was arrested as he got into the vehicle.

Two days earlier, the vehicle's owner, and a friend of the 46-year-old actor, told police the SUV had gone missing from his home in the O.C.

Baldwin was eventually charged with two felony counts, receiving stolen property and unlawfully taking a vehicle. (Officers also searched his motel room and found narcotics and drug paraphernalia; however the D.A. declined to file any drug-related charges).

Last week, Baldwin left a voice message with the Detroit Free Press in which he denied stealing the car and professed his innocence, saying the allegation was "erroneous" and adding he had cleaned up his act and was now "sober."

Baldwin's buddy Kenneth Smith also came to his defense, telling ABC News that he has known the second-oldest member of the Baldwin clan for 20 years and had given him permission to borrow the SUV anytime he liked.

Smith said he plans on accompanying Baldwin to court next week to explain the "mistake."

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