If you're a history teacher, let this clip serve as a reminder of how terribly important your job is to the kids you teach—and perhaps one day, the future of late-night TV.

On the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Lie Witness News," unsuspecting people on Hollywood Boulevard were nonchalantly told the movie Godzilla is based on a real lizard attack in 1954 Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people and then asked whether it's wrong for Hollywood to glamorize this event for entertainment...

"I will admit, not too many people bit on this one," the late-night host said, "but some of them did. A few of them actually did believe that Godzilla happened."

And those who did? What gems they were! One woman went on about a Godzilla movie being wrong because "it affects the people who were affected" and "glamorizes their deaths [those killed by Godzilla] instead of making a really cool action movie..."

Another individual was seemingly upset the film "portrays death, sadness [and]  loss" in an industry that glamorizes a lot of things that just shouldn't be!"

And one woman, when asked if she would "support the bill before Congress that would allocate $600 million to equip the U.S. navy with anti-reptile capabilities,"  answered with an emphatic, "Yes!"

Her reasoning? "Anything we can do to protect our nation, we gotta do."

Go 'Merica.

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