Johnny Depp, Amber Heard


Johnny Depp is a lucky dude, because even if he suddenly ages 20 years overnight (and not in the sexy silver fox kind of way), fiancée Amber Heard will still find him sexy!

Fortunately, the 50-year-old actor isn't actually balding and wrinkled—he's in character (and a wig cap, fake thinning hair and lots of makeup) as James "Whitey" Bulger on the set of Black Mass.

But even when his leading-man looks are nowhere to be seen, Heard, 28, finds Depp irresistible! The bride-to-be wrapped her arms around her future hubby's neck and leaned in for what looks like a passionate makeout sesh!

Back to Depp's attire, though, which sadly bears no resemblance to his Pirates of the Caribbean character Captain Jack Sparrow! Why would he want to take on a role that obscured his handsomeness? He's committed to telling the life story of notorious mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, and he's not too vain to to look the part!

"The reason to play him is obvious to me," he said in an interview with Collider. "He's a fascinating character. It's not like anything I've done before, on that level. I'm very excited to slide into that skin for a little bit."

Luckily for the future Mrs. Johnny Depp, he'll shed that skin before too long and go back to being his sexy self!

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