The Voice, Jake Worthington, Christina Grimmie, Josh Kaufman


We've found our newest singing sensation!

On Tuesday night, The Voice crowned its season six winner, but of course it wasn't without controversy.

After Monday night's final live performances, contestants Cristina Grimmie and Jake Worthington were neck-in-neck on iTunes—an additional avenue in which fans were able to vote for their favorite singer. However, the Apple music site had a glitch that kept the third finalist, Josh Kaufman out of the most downloaded Top 10.

In light of the malfunction, host Carson Daly announced at the beginning of Tuesday's results show that the iTunes votes from last night's broadcast would not be counted towards the final tally. (He also mentioned that these votes would not have affected the final outcome of votes anyway, so we were left scratching our heads and wondering what's the point?)

And now for the winner! Say congratulations to…

The Voice, Josh Kaufman


Josh Kaufman and his coach Usher!

This officially marks the first time that neither Blake Shelton nor Adam Levine has won a season of The Voice. (Way to break their winning streak, Usher!)

And for those of you who are crying into your popcorn over the fact that Christina did not take home tonight's big prize—don't you worry! Her newly-blonde coach has already promised her a spot on his record label. Woohoo! Now we're all just looking at you, Blake. We know how much you adore Jake…

Are you happy that Josh won season six of The Voice? If not, who do you think deserved the top spot? Sound off in the comments below! 

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