Playing House

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A tip from Playing House: Don't go skinny dipping. Well, don't go skinny dipping with 30 Rock star and Late Night with Seth Meyers writer John Lutz in a Jewish community center pool.

In our exclusive sneak peek below, Maggie (Lennon Parham) and Emma (Jessica St. Clair) have a little dust up while "skinny dipping" (they're clothed, really). They don't' get a chance to resolve their argument before Marc (Keegan-Michael Key) busts them in their state of undress. Another tip: Don't get Tased while wet.

The episode, titled "Drumline," finds the ladies reconnecting with some high school friends. "It's like a John Hughes movie," St. Clair told us.

In addition to Lutz, Jason Mantzoukas also guest stars as the band bad boy who has a special connection with Parham's character. There's a "sexual back and forth in snare drum."

Still need more convincing? Here are reasons why to watch Playing House, straight from Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham.

St. Clair: We we get all of your favorite alternate comedy stars to take their clothes off.
Parham: It's true.
St. Clair: Bobby Moynihan from SNL, Keegan-Michael Key from Key and Peele, Ian Roberts—the founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater who taught us how to improvise. We had to give him the note, "Could you f—k this woman's face harder?" in a Magic Mike-style strip show that we put on.
Parham: No. 2 is: If you want to see your best friend and you on screen because hopefully everything we're doing is 100 percent relatable and you're like, "Oh my god, we were there. We did that. This is how we'd react."...You should watch it because you will feel good at the end of the day.
St. Clair: At the end of the episode, you will feel good because these people love each other and show up for each other. It's going to leave you with a warm feeling.
Parham: You'll get ab exercises because you'll be laughing so hard.

Playing House


St. Clair: You should watch this show because it will be laugh out loud, balls-to-the-wall funny and it will also make you cry. We guarantee that for men and women.
Parham: Or feel something.
St. Clair: Yeah, if you are a cold, soulless person, you may locate your heart again. OK? Save yourself the therapy and watch Playing House.
Parham: You should watch because while we were writing it, shooting it and producing it, we were either pregnant or—
St. Clair: Pumping our boobs every 15 minutes.
Parham: So if you want to see women—sisters doing it for themselves, you can tune in.
St. Clair: That's it!

Playing House airs Tuesdays 10 p.m. on USA.

(E! and USA are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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