Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon "Nip Sync" to "Ebony and Ivory" on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!

Blended actor and late-night host perform Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder's duet on TV

By Zach Johnson May 20, 2014 12:16 PMTags

Is nip-syncing is the new lip-syncing?

Jimmy Fallon and athlete-turned-actor Terry Crews performed a synchronized rendition of the Paul McCartney-Stevie Wonder duet "Ebony and Ivory" on Monday's Tonight Show. The pair put their pecs to work for the number—but while Crews was indeed shirtless, Fallon used a green screen to appear more muscular. No matter—the comedic bit was a hit, and it appears both stars were both singing live.

If that seems weird, it pales in comparison to one of his first jobs after retiring from the NFL.

"I played a character called T-Money on a show called Battle Dome. Now, Battle Dome was basically American Gladiators on steroids," he said in a Tonight Show web exclusive. "The whole logline for the show was called 'Real Warriors, Real Pain.' I was one of the warriors and we would battle contestants and they would win money. But it was extremely dangerous," he added. "They'd put me into a cage that was kind of built like a Coke can, and then they'd set the ends on fire and open up the cage and take a crane and lift us into the cage. The whole object of the game was that each contestant had to get me out of the cage. Needless to say, I didn't want to go. It was a brutal battle that was a lot of fun."

During his stint on the show, Crews said, "There were times we sent people to the hospital. My foot caught on fire one time when the crane brought me over the flaming side of the cage and it was actually smoking and on fire. People were going to the hospital daily." Luckily, no permanent damage was done. "I made it. I survived," the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star said. "I got choked out one time in the cage and almost passed out, but luckily time ran out and I came to—right before commercial break!"

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