Bones Gives Us an Arresting Finale Cliffhanger, The Voice Prepares to Crown a Winner and More OMG TV Moments

Catch up on the small screen's biggest moments from Monday, May 19

By Lauren Piester May 20, 2014 4:25 AMTags
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We're coming to that awkward stage between spring and summer TV, where the nights are lonely and cold and there are no beautiful fictional television characters to hold us tightly and tell us it will all be ok or maybe everyone will die. But we're not quite there yet, because tonight featured the ninth season finale of Bones, and it was exciting enough that we could almost pretend it was several shows at once. Booth got shot, you guys! Luckily, he's a vampire and they do not die from bullet wounds (it's 2003, right?), but it was still a pretty action-packed episode. Plus, The Voice geared up for tomorrow night's finale, and Maya Rudolph graced our television screens in the most nostalgic of ways. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Bones: He's alive! But things are still not all well and good in the world of Bones. While we started the episode already knowing that Booth had been shot multiple times and was not in great condition, we then flashed back two days, to Brennan attempting to teach him German. Booth was potentially about to head up an FBI field office in Berlin, following a congressional interview, and apparently a meeting with a journalist named Foster who had been following the Ghost Killer case. Before Booth could meet with Foster, the guy turns up dead, apparently tortured and then basically exploded. The interview didn't go so well either, as Congressman Hadley revealed that Booth had killed an American citizen in Pakistan. Booth obviously couldn't comment and his career was quickly on the fast track to being over. 

Meanwhile, Angela managed to recover the files found on the tiny chip hidden in the dead journalist's nipple ring (yeah, you read that right), and Booth confronted Hadley with the evidence that had clearly been used to blackmail him. Hadley, of course, immediately got on the phone and Booth sent Brennan and Christine out of the house while he prepared it for the fight that was surely coming. And what a fight it was! Booth managed to hold off the three agents for a while before taking a couple of bullets and got some help when Brennan showed up to join in on the gun fight. She and Booth took the agents down, but it seemed that Booth had been taken down as well.

At the hospital, a doctor revealed that Booth was alive, but there was a complication, prompting Brennan to run into the recovery room. Booth was handcuffed and agents were posted outside his room, informing Brennan that her husband had been arrested for killing three FBI agents who had apparently just been trying to serve him a warrant. As the episode ends, Brennan is screaming for Booth, and being taken into custody as well.

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The Voice: It's finale week, y'all, and the way we see it, it's a battle between Christina Grimmie and Josh Kaufman, though Jake Worthington did manage to hold his own tonight. Christina crushed her duet with Adam Levine on "Somebody That I Used to Know," while Josh and Usher dueted on "Every Breath You Take," and Jake sang "A Country Boy Can Survive," with Blake Shelton, and it was the most countryfied thing we've seen in a long time. While we won't say Christina's rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" wasn't good (because it absolutely was), we will say that Jena Irene might have done it better on American Idol last week. We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out who wins it all, but in the meantime, take to the comments and let us know who you think it'll be. Or, tell us how you feel about Adam's continued bleached hair, because we're still quite bothered by it. 

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The Maya Rudolph Show: Yeah, the skits were silly, but there was so much joy on that stage that it was hard not to smile and laugh through the whole goofy hour, which featured singing, dancing, funny accents, and guests ranging from Andy Samberg to Kristen Bell. Head on over to our reaction post to tell us what you thought! 

The Bachelorette: In a touching tribute, The ABC hit kicked off Andi Dorfman's quest for love by dedicating Season 10 to Eric Hill, the contestant who died in a paragliding accident after he was eliminated from the show. And in next week's episode, Hill will get the first one-on-one date of the season, which Andi told us was "sad," but "exciting." 

So what did you guys watch tonight? What did we forget to watch? What other thing from the 1960s should we start bringing back? Let us know in the comments!