Jonathan Cheban, Sushi Couture, Security Pics

Sushi Couture

As Kim Kardashian continues to get ready for her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West, her best friend Jonathan Cheban had a violent run-in with a hostile stranger at a Brooklyn restaurant.

After Cheban was repeatedly harassed and screamed at while trying to eat, his security guard was forced to punch the man to keep the reality star from being attacked.

Cheban, along with three pals and his security guard, arrived at Sushi Couture around 10 p.m. Shortly after being seated, Cheban Instagrammed that he was at the eatery to have a late supper and watch the Billboard Music Awards. But his post apparently incited the stranger to seek him out in person. 

"While Jonathan and his group were eating, a man entered the restaurant and started yelling for him," an onlooker tells E! News. "He was screaming, 'Cheban! Cheban! I came here to talk to you!' His eyes were huge and he had a large pocket knife hanging off his belt—it was really scary. He looked like a stalker." 

Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian


The stranger tried to approach Cheban's table, but was stopped. Undeterred, he took a seat at the sushi bar. 

However, the man got up again quickly when he saw Cheban and his security head to the bathroom, according to the onlooker. Again, he started yelling, this time aggressively shouting at Cheban to "keep walking with your security." 

"Jonathan looked like he had no idea who this person was," says the eyewitness. "He seemed really freaked out."

Things got ugly towards the end of the night when Cheban and his group attempted to leave around 11:30 p.m. At that point, the stranger tried to physically attack him. "The security guard had no choice," says our source. "He punched the stranger in the face and hustled Jonathan out of there."

It's not believed that the police were called.

Sounds terrifying. We're so glad everyone is OK!

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