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We're in a giving mood. 

We've got our coffee in hand, a croissant that has far too many calories in it, and a sunny disposition on this morning. To celebrate the fact that we do not have a (severe) case of The Mondays today, we're ready to spill as many spoilers as possible!

If you're a fan of vampires, fairy tale characters, spinoffs and mysteries then we definitely have a great batch of TV scoop to share with you. Read on to find out what's in store for television's favorite hybrid on The Originals, inside scoop on Once Upon a Time's chilling new twist and details on a highly anticipated AMC drama. 

Tanaya: I know you guys were at the Pretty Little Liars set last week! I want some scoop!
Ah, we've been caught red-handed. Here's your prize: Not only will Ezra survive from his rooftop battle with "A," but the history buff will also find a way to win back a certain brunette's affections. Also, on a completely unrelated note, do any of you happen to enjoy key lime pie? Ezria sure does…

The Originals, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Tina: The Originals' finale was so amazing and finally gave me all the awesome Hayley scenes I had been waiting for! Any scoop on what's next for mama wolf?!
Hayley is taking a seriously dark turn in season two, Phoebe Tonkin warns. "We're going to see a very broken, a very lost Hayley. She doesn't know who she is anymore. She not only doesn't know where she came from, she doesn't know who she is right now. It's sad and it's heartbreaking." And you know what darkness means? A lack of kissing! "No!" Tonkin says with a laugh when we asked if she's smooched Daniel Gillies yet. (They are three episodes into filming.) How rude!

Seth: I saw your article the other day about how Anna Gunn may be coming to Better Call Saul. Are there any other Breaking Bad characters who are set to appear?  
We've got a strong feeling that many of our favorite Breaking Bad characters could be popping up here and there in the AMC spinoff. However here's one thing we know for sure: In the very first episode of the highly anticipated series, fans will meet a handful of middle aged women who will appear consistently throughout the entire season. Our personal favorite is Mrs. Tran—that lady is one tough pill to swallow.

Dana: Please keep giving us scoop on The Comeback! I cannot wait to see Val back on my TV screen, so spill!
Can you keep a secret? When our favorite "It Girl" returns this fall, she will enlist the help of a back-up hair professional. (Sorry, Mickey!) Val's "wig stylist," Maria, is fantastic at her job and tells always tells Val the truth—not matter how brutal it may be. As for what Val needs a wig for, that's something we cannot reveal, however we can tell you to expect the unexpected.

Orphan Black


Mandi: I still can't get over the ridiculously hot Orphan Black sex scene! What's next for Rachel and Paul?
We chatted with the incredibly wonderful Dylan Bruce and he revealed that things are going to get pretty darn serious for Paul and Rachel. "It progresses to the point where she really stars relying on him, which he wants," Bruce teased. "He wants to be as useful to her as he possible can be, become her inside man for reason for his own agenda."  Unfortunately, it looks like Paul will be going off the gird once again this season, but Bruce promises it's all a part of the grand plan for Paul's schemes. 

Rayna: I'm obsessed with The Fosters and I need it to come back now. Please give me something to make the waiting less horrible.
Uh-oh! We hate to break it to you but the uber-skeevy Liam will be making an appearance within the first ten episode of season two (We're  not telling you which one!) And if you guy want to be able to punch Liam in his smug little face—you are not alone! In fact, Wyatt is so pissed to see him that they may or may not get into a huge fist fight. Please excuse us, we're off to go print our Team Wyatt t-shirts.

Nicole: Playing House be bangin' on USA. I know you all love it as much as I do. Any word on season two?
No word on a second season yet, but we did track down stars and creators Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham to get scoop on what's to come. They're making TV history! "You're going to love next week. It's like a John Hughes movie," St. Clair told us. "There's a drumline reunion and Jason Mantzoukas plays the bad boy of the drumline and he and I play the snares with each other. We have a conversation only in snare drum," Parham said. But wait, it's better. "Like a sexual back and forth in snare drum," St. Clair added. A sexual back and forth in snare drum? Count us in!

Matilda: I'm still in shock over last week's Once Upon a Time finale! Please tell me you were able to get more Frozen scoop?
Not only did we snag you exclusive scoop, we've also got a spellbinding video that we'd like to share with you! Take a look at our magical interviews below to find out exactly what stars Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla think of OUAT's chilling new characters! Do yourselves a favor and immediately press play below!

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