Tori Spelling Cries and Screams About Having "Nothing Left" in Most Gut-Wrenching True Tori Sneak Peek Yet

"What does your heart tell you to do?!" the sobbing mother of four yells at husband Dean McDermott in a clip from the next new episode of their Lifetime docu-series

By Natalie Finn May 16, 2014 11:22 PMTags
Watch: Tori Spelling Breaks Down on "True Tori"

Are we nearing too-painful-to-watch terri-Tori?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are both red-faced and sobbing in a new sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of their Lifetime docu-series, True Tori, which has been chronicling the couple's attempt to rebuild their marriage in the wake of Dean's cheating scandal.

And we've seen them both cry before, but...

This is some next-level sorrow here.

"I don't deserve any of this, I don't deserve this beautiful family," a choked-up Dean cries during an argument in their bedroom, standing and grabbing at his hair while Tori sits on the bed.


"You don't deserve any of it," his wife agrees, "and yet you have it. You have all of it, we're all still here!"

Dean asks her what he needs to do, and Tori can only offer, "Do something right. You need to do something right."

"I am sitting here, my heart is ripped out. I have nothing left," she sobs, then screams, "I'm asking you, do something! Think about it!"

Watch the full clip to see how Dean responds and what Tori demands of him in return. It's intense.


Now, it's unclear when this was shot, of course, but the parents of four did ultimately spend their eighth wedding anniversary together last week.

Dean made a Victoria's Secret run earlier in the day while she ran errands, and then he and Tori grabbed sushi together that night.

Today, meanwhile, is Tori's 41st birthday. She got a jumpstart on celebrating last night with her children and a female pal and this morning she was spotted treating herself to some Chanel sunglasses.

Atta girl.

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The next new episode of True Tori airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.