And Barbara Walters' legacy lives on.

After more than five decades in broadcast news, the 84-year-old journalist made her final appearance Thursday on The View, where a number of famous faces expressed their admiration for the trailblazing television personality.

Including Oprah Winfrey, who later continued to sing the celeb's praises while speaking with E! News, admitting her career could not exist without the influence of a woman like Walters. 

"There's no other woman that deserves more in terms of opening the door for my career," the media mogul said. "I was 16 years old, saw her on television, got the inspiration to think, maybe I could do that. For the first year of my television career, actually created this façade of pretending to be Barbara Walters and trying to sit and talk and act like her and I think that's why every other woman showed up here today. We all recognize that had it not been for her, we would not have had a shoulder to stand on. We all now get to glide across that road that she literally laid brick by brick."

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Winfrey made a surprise appearance during Walter's final show on The View, where she introduced 25 female broadcast journalists from every major news network, all of whom Walters influenced. The women, including Juju ChangJulie Chen, Katie CouricKathie Lee GiffordSavannah GuthrieTamron HallGayle KingHoda KotbJoan LundenNatalie MoralesAmy RobachRobin RobertsDiane Sawyer,Maria ShriverElizabeth Vargas and Meredith Vieira, will carry on her legacy.

"I got a little teary today," Walters admitted to E! News, opening up about her final show. "When Oprah showed up and I didn't expect her. When all of the women who are in this business lined up, I did get teary. I didn't blubber, but I did get teary."

"I didn't expect any of this and when I saw all of these women it was very moving to me, very moving," she said of the show which was full of surprises.

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Asked how she feels about all the women in television, Walters humbly replied, "It makes me very proud that there are these women in television. When I began, there were very few. And now to see them and know how good they are at every station and all over the world, if I did anything to help that—what a great legacy."

As for what she'll be doing now that she has plenty more free time?

"I've never had a hobby, I don't drive, I'm lousy at sports, I've gotta think of something to do!"   

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