All the tears.

Sandra Oh is leaving Grey's Anatomy tonight after 10 years on the mega-hit series. And though the circumstances surrounding her exit could not be more different (she chose to go), former co-star Isaiah Washington tells E! News that he knows how hard life after Grey's can be.

"She is taking a much-needed break," Washington says of his onetime TV love, whom he calls a "TV legend right up there with Lucille Ball—I'm serious."

Washington reveals that he sat down and talked with Oh about what life will be like after leaving Grey's, explaining to her that "It will take about five years to find herself after these 10." And then? "Hopefully when she is done with her break, we can collaborate again."

Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh

ABC/Ron Tom

Washington returned to Grey's a few weeks ago to offer Sandra's character Cristina Yang her dream job, in Zurich, giving her the keys to his insanely high-tech cardiology research castle. Or as Washington himself puts it, "He Willy Wonka'd it."

Washington says he felt incredibly grateful to be able to come back to Grey's, seven years after he was fired from the cast for using an anti-gay slur, saying, "It was really nice closure." For himself and the fans.

But will Burke show up in Sandra's last episode? And did Isaiah secretly wish for Cristina and Burke to end up together?

Washington answers all that in the video above. Click it.

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