Emily Blunt, of course, just became a first-time mommy in February after she and husband John Krasinski welcomed daughter Hazel.

So how was it celebrating her first Mother's Day last week?

"It was lovely," the 31-year-old actress told Jimmy Kimmel while promoting her new movie Edge of Tomorrow on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "We went to Santa Barbara. It was really nice. The baby came with us."

She added, "Although I feel like most mothers on Mother's Day would just prefer to be left alone in their room with a glass of champagne."

But Blunt was quick to clarify and insisted that she herself doesn't feel that way now, "but maybe later when she's a teenager and she's horrible to me."

Later in the program, Blunt spoke about working with Tom Cruise on  Edge of Tomorrow and humorously revealed how she "broke him."

In the film, the costars spend much of their time in heavy-armored suits, which Blunt said "weighed between 85 and 100 pounds."

She went on to recall the difficulties that came while shooting one scene in particular.

"We were boiling and we were in these huge suits and there was no space...and we're hanging in these harnesses with the full weight of the 85-pound suit and your body weight on your groin, which is not fun," she said.

Blunt continued, "We're just hanging there in between takes just waiting for them to get ready and re-light, and I look at Tom and I can just see that insatiable positivity starting to unravel, and I just look at him and he's pouring with sweat.

"And I'm just hanging there and I say, 'This really sucks.' And he looked at me and he went, 'It's a challenge.' I said, 'Tom, it sucks!' And he went, 'Fine! It sucks!' I broke him. I broke his spirit.'"

Meanwhile, Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters on June 6.

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