Nashville's Shocking Proposal, Arrow's Brutal Finale Battle and More OMG TV Moments!

Catch up on the small screen's biggest moments from Wednesday, May 14.

By Lauren Piester May 15, 2014 4:37 AMTags
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Tonight, on television, Nashville, Rayna James was kissed by two hot and similar-looking Southern men, and you just know it's gonna be a big problem for her next season (Team Deacon, though). Then, on Arrow, the finale gave a million fangirls and fanboys the ship-related thing they had been dreaming of for two seasons, and then it went "Ha! Just kidding!" and broke our hearts into a million pieces before attempting to put them back together again with incredibly badass action sequences. Finale season takes a real emotional toll on us. We are not ok. Send candy and massages, please. 

Nashville: Welp Juliette's secret is out! Avery found out that she slept with Jeff, and he was not happy about it. He dumped her, but then she begged for him to come back with a heartbreaking speech about how no man has ever truly loved her, and she can't bear to be alone. (There was an epic ling about trailer trash covered in rhinestones that we thought was pretty great.) Will also finally told Layla that he's gay, and Gunnar couldn't let Scarlett leave town without a sweet performance of a song he wrote for her. 

But the big, most obvious news is that everybody's madly in love with Rayna James (Praise Queen Connie Britton!) and she's got some big decisions to make next season. After she accepted Luke's proposal, on stage, in front of thousands of people, Deacon came to her privately and professed his love as well. He then promptly planted a huge kiss on her and put that ring back into play. At least we know Maddie's going to be thrilled with this development—apparently all of her Parent Trap-ing skills might have actually worked!

Arrow: Tonight, we got everything we always wanted, and then it died. Yeah, we're talking about Oliver confessing his love to Felicity, only for us to later learn that he did it only so he could lead Slade into his trap, which involved Felicity using the cure to help stop him. We were so excited, and then we were so crushed. Sigh.

As it turned out, Thea did shoot Merlyn at the end of last week's episode, but his bulletproof vest saved his life. She later got back together with Roy for a moment, before she decided to leave Starling City for good. She took off with Merlyn to an undisclosed location in order to make herself a stronger person. 

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Meanwhile, Sara said goodbye to her father and Laurel, and headed off with Nyssa. Unfortunately she was already  gone when Detective Lance suddenly collapsed! After some truly and impressively epic fights, Slade was banished to an island Argus facility. Oliver and Felicity shared a scene on the beach in which she told him how much she almost believed that he loved her. While some of us may have been yelling "Kiss her!" at our screens, the only thing Ollie could do was agree that they had both pulled off the ruse well.

We then learned that after Oliver had "killed" Slade years ago on the island, he found himself waking up in Hong Kong, and being introduced to Amanda Fuller. No more island flashbacks? Say it ain't so! Plus, some good news: Lyla is preggers, and Diggle is going to be a dad!

American Idol: We're down to the top 3, and yet again, our favorite performance comes from Jena Irene, who closed out the night with an encore performance of Radiohead's "Creep." She previously performed the song during the top 7, and it remained brilliant. Worst performance of the night goes to the audience for its rhythmic clapping during "Creep." Whoever started that one should be banised from the Idol auditorium. Anyway, Alex had a pretty solid night as well, singing Rihanna, One Direction, and Bastille. It was an odd combo, but it worked for him, and we could totally see a Jena/Alex finale. 

Survivor: It sure seemed like Woo was a goner tonight, but by the end, he didn't even receive a single vote. After a hilariously muddy reward challenge that left everyone dirty and Tony with a pizza, Spencer won immunity in one of those signature obstacle-course-plus-puzzle games. However it was strategizing and manipulating galore tonight as everyone scrambled to negotiate their ideal finale setup. Woo came to distrust Tony's top three promise, and eventually stood with Kass and Spencer against Trish, and Trish was voted out. Tony even ended up voting for her, which is why he used his immunity idol on himself. This has been one crazy season, and we're fairly sure next week is going to be an even crazier finale. 

The 100: We don't want to start out with an "all's fair in love and war," cliché, so we won't, but just know that tonight's episode had both. Octavia and Lincoln took part in a serious, Romeo and Juliet-style hookup, after which their two factions engaged in battle. They first tried to keep it peaceful, with the Grounder leader Anya meeting with Clarke, but it ended in bloodshed, with Lincoln taking an arrow to the chest to protect Octavia.

He might not be dead, but an arrow to the chest is definitely not good. Also not good? The bomb that went off on the Ark during a holiday celebration, killing several people, including Kane's mother. The bomb was meant for Jaha, who then sent an Exodus ship to a fiery demise, most likely killing everyone on board. There are still several weeks left before the season one finale, but this show certainly hasn't wasted any time with action-packed episodes!

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Criminal Minds: Dude, you can't tell us one member is leaving the team and then make it look like Reid is going to die for a whole episode.  That's just cruel. Despite a fairly bad gunshot left over from last week, Reid eventually survived, but it sure occasionally felt like a funeral, with all of the reflections on his life and what he would do if he were conscious.

The team figures out that McGregor shot Sheriff Coleman, and he nearly gets to everyone before being taken down by Hotch. It's revealed that when Blake called Reid "Ethan," she was talking about her son who had died when he was 9, which has been driving her crazy for years. When she leaves after a heart-to-heart with Reid, she leaves her badge behind, and it seems that Alex Blake has left for good.  

Suburgatory: Another show gone too soon. Due to the fact that the powers-that-be at Suburgatory did now know that this was going to be their series finale, we applaud them on a solid wrap-up. While George dealt with the aftermath of his hookup with Dallas by writing a swoon-worthy song, Lisa and Malik learned that marriage does not mean sharing everything to the point where you're no longer your own person.

Meanwhile, Tessa joined a knitting club in order to find some sense of substance in her life. Eventually, she was inspired by her elderly knitting buddies to embrace all the experiences of life. Just as she and Ryan came to the conclusion that they would never have true closure, one of the hottest kisses on television happened. Don't believe us? See for yourself…

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Au revoir, Suburgatory—It's been a good three years!