The Originals' Death-Filled Finale, A Heart-Wrenching NCIS and More OMG TV Moments!

Check out the small screen's biggest moments from Tuesday, May 13!

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Ah finale season, how we both love and hate thee. You always seem to put our fragile emotions on an insane rollercoaster ride of confusion-and tonight was no exception. We witnessed a hugely anticipated birth on The Originals, NCIS payed emotional tribute to a long-time character, Person of Interest completely threw us for a loop, and Chicago Fire left us us in an exploded burning building for an entire summer. Plus, we had to say goodbye forever to one of our new favorite sitcoms, which is never fun.

Some shows were even just too much for this post to handle, so head over to our standalone recaps of GleeAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Voice if you like singing and Samuel L. Jackson. Now, with no further ado, we present to you the biggest moments from tonight's whirlwind of television.  

The Originals: Holy epic season finale, Batman! Seriously, we can barely breathe just thinking about the jam-packed hour, which featured numerous deaths and returns, so we're just going to get right to it.


The Mikaelson baby was finally born, with the witches promptly slitting Hayley's throat as a helpless Klaus watched in horror. Fret not, Hayley died with her daughter's blood in her system, which means she's now a hybrid. (And she gets her revenge, brutally snapping Genevieve's neck later.) Alas, once Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel (who finally killed Monique!) were able to stop the sacrifice (Phew), they soon learned Esther, the Original mama, was the ancestor behind the hunt for the child and they knew she would never stop. 

The gang's solution? Fake the baby's death and send her away…with Aunt Rebekah! Yes, our favorite blonde Original vamp returned by finale's end in order to keep Hope (Great name, no?) safe, leading to one of our favorite moments of the series thus far between her and Klaus. "There is no one I would trust more with my daughter's life," he told Rebekah, while telling Hope, "You will return to me." (We cried all the tears.)

But Rebekah wasn't the only Mikaelson to make a surprise return as Mikael officially came back from the dead, but under Davina's control. (That's our girl!) Oh, and that fourth Harvest girl? She's ba-aaack…and it's Esther, in the body of a 16-year-old girl. Also back? One of the Original brothers: Kol or Finn! (Fingers crossed it's Kol 'cause Finn is the worst!)

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NCIS: Tonight's finale was quite an emotional one for fans of both NCIS and Ralph Waite, who played Gibbs' father, along with several other notable and historical TV roles over the years. The episode was billed as a tribute to the actor, who died in February, and to the character, as Gibbs struggled to come to terms with his father's death. The case of the week led Gibbs into several near-death fights with an escaped prisoner, but the tears fell as he attended his father's funeral, left his father's store to one of his employees, and then sifted through a box of family memories. RIP Ralph Waite.  

Supernatural: Ummm… what is up with Dean? While Cas and Metatron battled for followers in the big angel war, Dean pretended not to have the First Blade. But then Winchester bro used it to kill Tessa after she admitted she was a suicide bomber, and then he used it again on Gadreel when he offered to help take down Metatron, with a super crazy look in his eye. Oh and he also declared himself the leader in a new dictatorship, effective until Metatron is dead. Meanwhile, how much fun was it to watch Metatron try on trenchcoats, while trying to figure out the secret to Castiel's success? 

The Goldbergs: We sure are glad this fantastic sitcom is getting a second season. Especially after this super adorable finale that played with one of the classic sitcom/teen movie clichés: Parents go out of town, kids have a party, it starts out lame, and then turns into an unwanted rager. However, this time it had a twist. When Murray and Beverly came back early from the ceremony honoring Murray for his free-throw record, Murray did not shut the party down.

He instead gave his son ten minutes to make his mark, and make the party the greatest moment of his life, as all high school parties are supposed to be. So of course, Barry danced, and it was ridiculously entertaining. He also got a kiss – not from his crush, Lexy, but from Erica's friend Lainey. It didn't go perfectly, but it was good enough for Barry, and it was a super sweet way to end what has been a pretty solid season. 

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Chicago Fire: Basically, everyone might be dead. Oh yes, you read that correctly—this is going to be a loooong summer. Casey proposed to Dawson at Boden's wedding, but before she could answer, they were all sent on a call. The call ended with Boden unable to reach any of his team, as they were all stuck in a burning building, which then exploded—just like our hearts nearly did as the season ended. Tonight has been a hard night, you guys. We've got a lot of TV-related emotions right now. Who's got hugs? 

Person of Interest: Whoa! Things just got dark, and this show just went officially sci-fi. Decima has won, and it turned out that Greer had been behind Vigilance all along, using it get the government to help him launch Samaritan, which he says will rule humanity. This entire series just took a completely new turn into some sort of dystopic futuristic world that we're not sure we like, but that we're definitely intrigued by. Way to take quite the leap, Person of Interest. You have our attention. 

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