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The Good Wife has never been afraid of change and the season five finale is setting up what may be the biggest game change of all. People got drunk. People yelled at each other. People left home. It was a fast-paced thrill ride and we cannot wait for season six. Warning, spoilers ahead!

While attempting to clear up this little thing of a $6 million lawsuit, Florrick/Agos discovered they have a window into Lockhart/Gardner when their old pals forgot to turn off their telecom system. This gave Alicia, Cary and co. unprecedented access to secret meetings between Louis Canning and David Lee, Diane Lockhart and Kalinda and clandestine flings. Through the open telecom link, they learned Louis and David planned to vote Diane out as managing partner, Diane wanted to merge with Florrick/Agos and sent Kalinda to get info by sexing up Cary, and plans to ruin Alicia. Some other stuff happened with the case, but let's be real: You want to talk about the drama between everybody.

All this spying lead to major conflict with Alicia and Cary. Alicia wanted to merge with their old firm. "We're struggling…I'm tired," she told Cary. "You are not tired because of work," he shot back. "Are we talking about Will?" she asked. Alicia is done with being a lawyer. Will's death opened her eyes to quite a few things and sparked major character growth. Cary, not wanting to merge, met with Louis Canning in secret and tipped him off. Because of the open link, Alicia and her team heard Louis tell David about his meeting with Cary. More shouting happened. Lots of shouting. "So, that's how it'll be? A fight to the death?" Cary asked Alicia. "No, we vote," she said. 

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But we never saw that vote. While all this was going on, Peter and Eli were trying to deal with their Finn Polmar problem. As a prosecutor, Finn, who was in the running to be State's Attorney, cut a deal for leniency for his drug addict sister. This bomb did not sit will with Peter—nor did the photos of Finn leaving Alicia's apartment—and he decided he would no longer back Finn as candidate for State's Attorney. Finn decided to back out of the race and all eyes went to…Diane Lockhart. Eli and Peter had previously vetted her for a spot on the Illinois Supreme Court, but then yanked that away when Alicia was fired/left Diane's firm. Diane and her girl Friday Kalinda—by the way, loving their new bond—weighed the offer for much of the episode. Diane faced an unceremonious exit from the firm she helped build from the ground up thanks to the nefarious (we can call him that at this point) Louis Canning. Would she fight to stay at her firm? Throw her hat into the ring or… "just quit and live in New Zealand"? Neither!

"I don't think I have the fight left in me, Kalinda…If Will were still here..." Diane said.

"I'm here," Kalinda replied.

So what's a fabulously dressed, high-powered attorney to do? She assembled the bitter partners of Florrick/Agos and put it all on the table: She wants in. Wait, we'll rephrase that, she and her $38 million in billable clients. Will Kalinda go with her? Does that mean Alicia and Kalinda will have scenes together again? So many questions.

But wait, there's more!

Zach Florrick graduated high school and jetted off to Georgetown, just like his mama. Alicia is going to be an empty nester…sort of. Grace is still there. The grandmas, Veronica and Jackie, helped get Zach's graduation sendoff together while Alicia ran around putting out fires in her professional life. They made lasagna and cake, got drunk, talked about Peter and Alicia's relationship, didn't kill each other. Success all around. Eli went to Zach's graduation dinner, and it was there while watching Alicia sip some wine he came to the season-ending realization:



"Would you want to run for State's Attorney?"


End of The Good Wife season five.

Gasp count: 2

Some other things:

Do you think Alicia should run for State's Attorney?

Are you happy Diane is taking control of her own destiny?

"She's become an invaluable girl Friday."—Diane about Kalinda.

"No, there's no good timing these days."—Alicia. The writers giving a nod to Will and Alicia's bad timing?

The Good Wife will return to CBS this fall on Sundays at 9 p.m.

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