Debby Ryan, Blonde, Brunette

Twitter; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Apparently Debby Ryan wanted to answer to the age-old question: Do blondes really have more fun?

Last Friday, the Jessie star ditched her signature redhead look, opting for a platinum hue instead. The newly-blond singer shared her shocking dye job on Instagram by first posting a short clip featuring her band's new song "When The Dark Falls." She then followed up with selfie, confirming the lighter tint was for real and not just for the video. The caption was a simple: "Hello there."

This major makeover came just a few days before her 21 Birthday, which seems to be off to a great start today. This morning the Disney star shared a look into the glitzy celebration, writing:

"When you wake up to the doorbell and find that your friends have WRECKED your porch with confetti, balloons, streamers, and a hundred pictures... that's how you know it'll be a good birthday."

Happy Birthday, Debby!

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