Anna Gunn Coming to Breaking Bad Spinoff? Star Reveals There's Been Talk—Plus, Why We're Dying Over Gracepoint!

Exclusive: David Tennant reveals how new Fox show will...or won't...be like his amazing U.K. series Broadchurch

By Kristin Dos Santos May 13, 2014 6:00 PMTags
Watch: David Tennant Explains "Gracepoint"

Thought you couldn't be more excited for the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul?

Well, Anna Gunn is hinting that there are talks of her coming to the new AMC series and so....Boom. That just happened.

We caught up with the beautiful o.g. B.B. star at Monday's Fox Fanfront in NYC, alongside her Gracepoint co-star David Tenant, and ohhhhhhhh the feels.

See,  Better Call Saul and Gracepoint are arguably the most promising new TV series in the works for the coming season, and Anna and David were there chatting about both of them (as if it were no big whoop and as if our TV loving hearts could even stand it).


Anna told E! News there has been recent talk about her coming on to Better Call Saulhear everything she spills in the video above!—and even hinted that we might see her pregnant. (With which child? Depends on which time period the producers decide to depict, but it's expected that BCS will jump around in the timeline.)

And of course, if Anna does end up appearing on the spinoiff, we can't imagine her TV hubby Bryan Cranston not being by her side. Just sayin'.

For you who don't know, Gracepoint is U.S. remake (on FOX) of the most excellent U.K. series Broadchurch: an eight-episode TV event that is one of the best small-screen mysteries ever told.

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David Tennant starred on the original U.K. series and also stars in FOX's upcoming version. FOX is being supremely dodgy as to exactly how similar—or how different—FOX's Gracepoint will be from the original Broadchurch. Will it be the same killer? Mayhaps. Will it be the same characters? In the same sitting? With some identical dialogue? The trailer sure makes it look that way.

Click on the video to find out what David has to say—and to see how legit charming and funny he is! Plus, Anna spills the goods on the Breaking Bad spinoff.

Watch: David Tennant Explains "Gracepoint"