Castle's Gut-Wrenching Wedding Shocker, The Blacklist's Insane Finale, and More OMG TV Moments

Catch up on the small screen's biggest moments from Monday, May 12.

By Lauren Piester May 13, 2014 5:06 AMTags

This was going to be an introductory post involving our intent to party, despite the fact that it's Monday. There was supposed to be a wedding tonight, and after all, weddings are to be celebrated. However all our hopes were dashed because Castle threw us all for a giant loop. Other shows happened too, like a WTF-filled Blacklist episode and a Star-Crossed finale that left us quite unsatisfied. At least there was Louie, which delivered a truly brilliant half-hour that everyone should watch, but that's hardly consolation. We are sad tonight. So sad.

Castle: What?! You guys, we had a whole thing prepared about how Caskett was now a married couple, and now we're sitting here wondering how we could be so stupid. This is a show that specializes in last minute finale twists, and season six was no exception. They tried to distract us with Beckett having been secretly married for 15 years to a guy who's really good at being a real nuisance. They tried to make us think the biggest setbacks were Beckett's dress getting ruined, and them losing the venue.

Then, at the very last second, while Beckett was standing in her mother's wedding dress (gross messy sobs!), and waiting for her soon-to-be husband to arrive at their wedding, Castle was kidnapped. He's clearly not dead, as the show is called Castle, after all, but we're still not happy. We wanted a wedding! We decorated and everything! Damn you, TV gods!

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The Blacklist: What on earth just happened?! Meera is dead after having her throat slit. Cooper was nearly strangled to death. Lizzie might have killed Tom, and Red might be Lizzie's father. Or her father might be Berlin, and Berlin is still hunting Red for some reason. Basically we can't catch our breath! That was an entire hour of OMG moments that left us aching for season two. Way to end your first season, television show. Good job.

Star-Crossed: What kind of a series finale ends with all hell breaking loose? This kind of a series finale! There were hookups and revelations and a lot of racing against time to stop the Trags from setting off the Suvec. But of course, the device went off anyway, leaving the humans unconscious and in touble while signalling an Atrian ship. The whole thing was  starting to look like an all-out war. And then it ended, and we were sad, yet again. 

One thing we'll definitely miss about this show? Watching William Shatner live-tweet it each week in his effort to get more sci-fi on TV. Hope you're handling this ok, Bill.


The Voice: Despite our love of Frozen, we're fairly certain that no one should be singing "Let It Go" on a singing competition show. No one should be singing that song at all, unless you're a small child, a secretly cuddly Marine, or Idina Menzel. This is just the truth. Kat Perkins' other song, "Chandelier," was hard to listen to due to too many chandeliers. We're going to give the "performance of the night" award to Kristen's "Foolish Games," along with Josh Kaufman's "All of Me."

Louie: Real talk time, you guys. Tonight's second Louie episode, in which Louie had to help an old woman who was stuck in an elevator, was ok. However, the first episode, entitled "So Did the Fat Lady," was one of the most thought-provoking pieces of television we've seen in a long time. Louie spent the first half of the episode continually hitting on traditionally attractive women who continually rejected him. In turn, Louie continually rejecting Vanessa, the awesome, but traditionally less attractive waitress, at the Comedy Cellar.

On the night that she quit her job, she gave him an expensive gift, which prompted him to go out for coffee with her. Their date went well in a way that Louie was not expecting, until she refered to herself as fat and he tried to correct her. She then gave a lengthy, brilliant speech highlighting the struggles of being a person who is not "tradionally attractive." She put Louie in his place in such a way that you just need to watch it, if you haven't already. We don't often get too serious here in the OMG Moments, but "So Did the Fat Lady" seriously earned some props for saying things that no one else is saying, but everyone should be.