Erin Wasson, Instagram


Erin Wasson did not expect the Instagram photo of her sunning in the tall grass with the ocean in the background to stir up any controversy.

In the picture the 32-year-old model posted this Sunday, Erin sits with her back to the camera, wearing only a pair of black bikini bottoms. But it was the sight of her thin frame that sent Internet commenters into a tizzy, shocked by her visible rib cage.

E! News learned from a source close to Erin that she thinks the public's reaction to her Instagram photo is unfair. "She's always been very slender," said the source. "She's the same weight now as she's been for the past two, four, six months. She's genetically just a very thin girl. It's the angle of how she's sitting that exaggerates her rib cage."

The source went on to explain how Erin feels personally about the backlash. "She thinks it's unfortunate and unfair that she's being attacked for what was an innocent shot."

While Erin herself hasn't responded to being blasted for looking too thin, she did reveal in an earlier interview with Sydney's Daily Telegraph, "I've always been an athletic person, I've been blessed with good genes from my mum and dad and I'm going to ride that genetic wave for as long as I can."

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