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She said… what?!

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore stopped by Watch What Happens Live Sunday night to chat with host Andy Cohen for the very first time since her highly publicized brawl with co-star Porsha Williams

On the first hour of RHOA's reunion special tensions were high when Kenya kept putting a scepter and later a megaphone in Porsha's face, but everything escalated when Kenya accused Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband. Things got heated, insults were hurled, and eventually Porsha tackled Kenya with all her might. 

Now it's time for Kenya to clear her name after many fans have claimed that the housewife's antagonistic props are to blame for the entire smack down. And trust us when we tell you, Kenya had plenty of things to say.

From her on-going battle with NeNe Leakes, to her future baby plans, and even comparing her co-stars to a certain farm animal, the former Miss USA didn't hold anything back when chatting with WWHL's host (and RHOA boss!) Andy Cohen. Read on to re-live the 13 craziest things Kenya said! 

1. When she revealed why she will not apologize to Porsha: "I think that she is a person who is incapable of showing contrition she is not remorseful and I don't think that someone who was attacked would have to apologize for being attacked. I think that's similar to saying if you're a husband and you beat up your wife and the husband says well she provoked me 

2. When she defended her scepter usage: "I never used the scepter as a threatening motion, I never held it up I never said, ‘I'm going to beat you with it,' It wasn't threatening."

3. When she accused her boss and Bravo of manipulation this entire situation: "Had you leveled the paying field, had you shown the flashbacks of her being aggressive toward me, had you done that than you wouldn't have gotten the reaction that you did. You stacked the deck of cards against me, so that is the truth."

4. When she snapped at her boss: "No but she said those things first, Andy. Please go and re-watch the reunion."

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5. When she revealed she may get pregnant very soon: "June second I have my first IVF session scheduled. I have been having a lot of highs and lows even last month I thought I was pregnant. I have always known who I wanted to be the donor… I wanted to make sure that person and I wanted the same things."

6. When she responded to guesses that her IVF donor was the African prince: Well you'll find out, maybe not but it's happening and I'm nervous as hell… I know that I'm ready, I'm in a great position right now."

7. When she accused Porsha of having a plan of attack: "I don't think that the props had anything to do with being provocative at all. I think that there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to come and attack me." 

8. When she defined the meaning of the word ‘bully': "I think by definition of a bully is someone who torments a weaker person, and I think that that term is not appropriate here." 

9. When she snapped at her boss, again: "You know I'm not a two-year-old Andy, and I just really resent the nature of the question."

10. When she bragged about why Nene is "threatened" by her: "The ratings say that I'm great for the show. We don't need Nene to say it, the ratings say it."

11. When she commented on Porsha's new boob-job: "I think its interesting that all last season she took so many jabs at me, and talked about me being fake, me being this, me being that, but she goes off and basically tries to look exactly like me. It's funny."

12. When she revealed why she brought a scepter to the show: "Well first of all that's kind of silly to say. Last year I brought a fan, and I got thousands of people wanting to know where did I get that fan, where can [they] get one. It was something that was fun."

13. When she referred to her co-stars as "pigs" while revealing what she regretted this season: "I think just allowing myself to roll around in the mud with pigs, because the pigs love it and all you do is get dirty."

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What did you think of Kenya's guest spot on Watch What Happens Live? Who's team are you on? Sound off in the comments below!

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