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WARNING: We're about to recap the biggest twist from this Sunday's season three finale of Once Upon a Time! If you do not wish to know the chilling news, leave now, for everyone else grab a coat and read on!

The cold never bothered us anyway!

Did anyone see that big Once Upon a Time twist coming? (Answer: We did!) In Sunday night's jam-packed season three finale, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) went on a time-traveling adventure after getting sucked into Zelena's (Rebecca Mader) treacherous portal 

We'll get more into the daring details in tomorrow morning's OUAT post-mortem, (complete with spell-binding scoop from creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis,) but right now we're dying to talk about the new queen among us!

After landing safely back in Storybrooke, it seems that Emma and Hook accidently brought a chilling surprise along with them. In the episode's final seconds, fan were treated to a quick glimpse of  a girl with gorgeous blonde locks and an icy touch. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Queen Elsa from Frozen has landed in Storybrooke!

We at E! Online have been championing for the OUAT writers to bring the Arendelle sisters to the small screen for months now, so we're thrilled that our persistent nagging (Ahem, we mean suggestions) have finally paid off. 

When we chatted with Kitsis and Horowitz in March about bringing the Frozen actresses Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell to Stroybrooke, the magical twosome was very excited at the prospect. "I mean, we would be completely honored if either one of those two wanted to do our show," Kitsis exclaimed. "I can tell you that in the Once writers' room, it has turned into the Frozen Appreciation Society."

The creator continues, "We are so in awe of that movie. A lot of us have children, and we are obsessed with that movie in a way that like, it's inspiring to all of us." For even more scoop on Frozen's icy invasion, check out our video above!

Like we said, we have been campaigning hard for Anna and Elsa to join the mesmerizing drama, and we've even come up with a few suggestions for who would be perfect for the parts. 

Dakota Fanning, Dianna Agron, Megan Hilty

Getty Images

Who Should Play Elsa From Frozen? Fans know and love Elsa as the snow-loving queen, whose icy first impression slowly melt away once you get to know her. Not only is she an independent lady, she fully endorses the notion that you shouldn't marry a guy you just met five minutes ago—a lesson that many of our Disney princesses could definitely learn. We think that Dakota FanningDianna Agron and Megan Hilty have what it takes to rule their very own ice palace, but who do you think would lead Arendelle with the same poise and grace as Elsa? And let's 

Once Upon a Time: Who Should Play Elsa from Frozen?
Who should play Elsa on Once Upon a Time?
Elle Fanning, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick

FameFlynet, Getty Images

Who Should Play Anna From Frozen? Anna quickly became one of the most popular princesses in Disney's history, thanks to her sweet and spunky personality and adventurous spirit. She's strong-willed, yet deeply romantic at heart, and has a knack for defending herself and those she loves when the situation take a turn for the worse. We all know that Anna is not the most graceful of princesses and, like her, actresses Elle FanningBritney Snow and Anna Kendrick, have each experienced some highly relatable awkward moments as well. So which bubbly actress do you think would build the best snowman?

Once Upon a Time: Who Should Play Anna from Frozen?
Who should play Anna on Once Upon a Time?

What do you think of this icy twist? Who do you think should play Frozen's Anna and Elsa? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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