OMG, 1D!

During One Direction's concert in Rio de Janeiro last night, Harry Styles dropped trou to reveal a sexy tattoo near his crotch!

In between songs, the 20-year-old Brit boy-bander walked to the front of the stage and said to concert crewmembers, "This camera right here. Can you please zoom in on my leg, right here."

Styles then unbuttoned and unzipped his tight black pants, pulled them down along with his underwear and showed the Brazilian fans in the audience his groin, which was inked with the word "Brasil"!

Harry Styles


Needless to say, fans began screaming at the top of their lungs with delight at seeing Styles' sexy South American tat. After revealing himself to the crowd, Styles pulled his pants back up and rejoined his One Direction bandmates so they could continue the show.

Talk about a crowd-pleaser!

The next stop on the band's Where We Are tour is São Paulo tomorrow. The boys will then head to Europe for 17 concert dates.

Watch Styles reveal his groin tattoo for yourself!

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