Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took the traditional route this year when it came time to inject a little Christmas spirit into their lives.

The couple had their one-year-old daughter Violet baptized Sunday morning during the a.m. Christmas Eve service at Christ Church United Methodist in Garner's hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, giving the congregation an A-list celebrity sighting to go along with their tidings of comfort and joy.

Garner's niece, Alex, daughter of the Alias star's younger sister, Susannah, was also baptized alongside Violet by lead pastor Randy Flanagan, who knew ahead of time that Ben & Jen were headed his way but didn't think it necessary to prep his parishioners. 

"They just came to church," Flanagan told the Charleston Daily Mail on Tuesday. "We were able to celebrate the baptism for two children in the church. It was a very special celebration. I can say that about every baptism at the church. It's a special privilege for every single child we baptize."

The pastor also said that his congregation seemed to be able to keep their minds on the service, although some of the younger worshipers glancing over their shoulders during his sermon may have been a little distracted.

While Garner's parents, William and Patricia, are longtime members of Christ Church, Flanagan told the newspaper that he had never met the 13 Going on 30 actor, or her Golden Globe-nominated hubby, before Sunday.

"She's a really nice person," Flanagan said. "I appreciate the Garner family very, very much. Bill and Pat are very precious people to the church. It really was just a nice Sunday and nothing out of the ordinary."

Speaking of nothing out of the ordinary, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continued their holiday tradition of traveling to the far corners of the globe to do unto others.

The pair spent Christmas in Costa Rica handing out presents to Colombian refugee children and their families who had to flee the South American country due to the ongoing violent conflict between the government, leftist rebels, conservative paramilitaries and criminal gangs. 

Costa Rica is now home to more than 10,000 of the 500,000 Colombians who have been forced to leave their homeland, according to the UN News Centre. At least three million have been displaced internally by the conflict.

"It is especially shocking that that such a tragedy can go on, year after year, with the rest of the world paying so little attention to it," Jolie, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the High Commissioner for Refugees, said. "My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them."

After doling out gifts, Pitt and Jolie watched a dance performance put on by some of the children at the refugee camp and then stuck around to speak with the residents.

"It's been sad for me to hear so many negative stories that show confusion between refugees, who are the victims of the conflict, and some criminal elements," Jolie said. "We had a wonderful Christmas here with the Costa Rican people and refugee families." 

A newly single Kid Rock was also busy giving back this year. The "Cowboy" rocker met up with U.S. troops stationed in Kuwait and Iraq to spread a little good cheer and show his appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to fight for their country.

"This year for Christmas I wanted to make sure somebody was thanking our troops for their service, no matter what our views are on the current situation in Iraq," Rock said in a statement.  

According to his Website blog, Rock traveled Sunday to three different camps in Iraq, where he sang and signed autographs for 16 hours, "old school style through s--tty speakers and no mic stand," and had "one of the most thrilling rides of [his] life in a Blackhawk…with some real 'rock n roll cowboy pilots'!!"

"I am very proud and happy to be here with some of the finest men and women in the world on Christmas Eve," he wrote. 

"These troops bust their asses here and that's the real story, long hours, 140 degree summers and freezing nights this time of year, walking around with 60 or 70 pounds of gear, bathrooms and showers are worse than any ghetto I've ever stayed in... No matter what you think of this war, you have to support and respect our troops. I know all of us do, but maybe try and show a little more if you can."

Rock is scheduled to entertain the troops until Dec. 29, after which he'll head back to the States to host a New Year's Eve party at the Las Vegas nightclub Jet.

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